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Milson Stream enhancement

The Milson Stream enhancement project is scheduled to recommence on Monday 8 January 2018.

This project involves improving the stability of the stream banks and making them less steep. It will make the shared pathway much easier to navigate by bike or on foot, significantly enhancing the stream's amenity value.


The project was stopped last year due to ongoing rain which affected site access and caused repeated damage to the works in the stream bed.

Once it starts again in January, the work is expected to take around three weeks to complete.



Photo shows steep banks with overgrown grass and stream bed choked with weeds.

This picture shows the existing retaining walls and overgrown vegetation along Milson Stream.

Photo shows accessible pathways alongside the stream and banks that have been cleared of weeds.

Here you see the Apollo Parade end of the stream with some remediation work completed before it was damaged by heavy rain. The metal areas will be covered and grassed at the end of the project.