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Napier Road stormwater upgrade

Council is installing a new 1,050mm diameter stormwater pipe in Napier Road to increase capacity during heavy rainfall.

Photo shows workers installing large concrete pipes in a deep stormwater drain.

This project will increase the stormwater capacity in Napier Road.

Stormwater modelling shows the new pipe will cater for existing and future stormwater flows. It's being laid in parallel to an existing 900mm pipeline, which drains into the open channel next to Napier Road. 

Council’s in-house construction team is carrying out the works.

Timeline: September to December 2017

The project involves:

  • 217 metres of DN1,050mm concrete pipes from Napier Road to the open drain
  • Five new manholes
  • Improving the outlet structure in the open drain

The budget for the work is $465,000. 

We apologise for any inconvenience during construction, however some of the pipes and manholes are being installed at a depth of approximately 3.5 metres – requiring specialist safety equipment and site specific traffic management.

If you have any queries, please contact Senior Civil Engineer Ricki Freemantle on 06 356 8199