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College Street transport upgrade

We're upgrading College Street to improve traffic flows and make it safer for all road users.

While we originally described it as a cycleway project, this work will improve the lives of all road users. We're extending cycleways, upgrading pedestrian crossings, resealing part of the road, and installing indented bus bays so buses can pull out of traffic to drop-off and collect passengers. All of these things are expected to have a huge impact on the flow of traffic.

Why are we doing this work?

Our city is growing and we need to be able to move more people around quickly, easily and safely. College St is a major thoroughfare and will only get busier so we need to make it as user friendly as possible for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport users. Over the next couple of months we're upgrading some pedestrian crossings, installing cycleways and adding indented bus bays. These changes will help traffic flow and allow you to get around the city more safely.

We're currently consulting on the stretch of road around the Awapuni shops, near Pitama Street. Find out more and have your say.

Photo shows plan for indented bus parking on College Street.

This image shows examples of indented bus bays.

How will the construction affect you?

We're working with the contractor to ensure any disruptions are minimal. A traffic management plan will be in place and the contractor will inform residents of any major work directly outside their house. We'll be keeping a close eye on the work to ensure residents, businesses and road users are not significantly impacted by this work.

The work

Maxwell’s Line to Botanical Road

Over the next couple of months we're upgrading some pedestrian crossings, extending cycle lanes and installing nine indented bus bays between Maxwells Line and Botanical Road. Indented bays are where the road cuts into the footpath and berm. It means drivers can see better and allows buses to drop off passengers without affecting the flow of traffic.

During consultation we proposed removing parking on the northern side of College Street because drivers were parking in very narrow stretches of road and blocking the existing cycle lane. This is dangerous and can slow traffic. Residents were generally happy with this proposal as long as there was still adequate parking. Although several parking spaces in front of the Pitama Road shops will be removed, there should still be sufficient parking available in the surrounding area for you to use.

Since consultation engineers have identified some additional parking in front of homes on the southern side of College Street that needs to be removed to allow for a safe continuous cycleway. This will also help the traffic flow. Those residents are being notified by Council. Through our extensive surveys of parking use in this stretch of College Street, we believe there will be adequate parking for residents and their visitors in the area.

Photo shows plan detailing the roading changes on College Street outside the Pitama shops.

This image shows what the Pitama Road Shops in Awapuni will look like. It shows an indented busbay, the cycleway on both sides and a repainted pedestrian crossing.

Botanical Road to Batt Street

Transport upgrades between Botanical Road and Batt Street are going ahead, but not this year. We'll consult with you again before any work is done. During last year’s consultation we proposed removing parking for a cycleway. You told us you didn’t want that and we began looking at indented parking as an alternative. That’s where berm areas become parking areas. These are expensive and we’d need to find funding. We're taking another look at the design and considering other alternatives that better suit residents, look good, and are better value for money.

Batt Street to Victoria Ave (including College Street Normal School)

Over the next couple of months we're widening cycle lanes on both sides of the street and resurfacing this stretch of road to make it smoother and quieter to drive and cycle on. We're also installing three indented bus bays within this section of College St. Indented bays are where the road cuts into the footpath and berm. It means drivers can see better and allows buses to drop off passengers without affecting the flow of traffic. Outside the school we're widening the pavement near the pedestrian crossing and repainting the crossing so the children are safer. Parking will not be affected outside of the school.

Photo shows plan detailing what the cycleway, pedestrian crossing and car parks will look like outside College Street School.

This picture shows the view of College Street from the school. It shows an indented bus bay and an improved pedestrian crossing.

Victoria Ave to Albert Street

The stretch of College St between Victoria Ave and Albert St isn’t too busy, but is notorious for speeding. We're installing planter boxes on the road next to kerbs. These make the road appear narrower which encourages drivers to slow down. We'll maintain the plants in them, and as funding allows we may consider switching them to permanent small gardens within the kerbs. This will get drivers to slow down so motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are safer. There are no specific cycle lanes on this stretch, as road markings will identify this section as a shared user space.

Photo shows roading changes planned for College Street between Victoria and Albert Streets.

This picture shows the planter boxes we're installing in this stretch to slow down traffic.