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College Street transport upgrade

Our city is growing and we need to be able to plan for you to be able to move around easily, and safely. College Street is a major thoroughfare and will only get busier, so we need to make it as user friendly as possible for pedestrians, people on bikes, motorists and public transport users. These changes will improve traffic flow and keep everyone safer.

February project update: Albert Street to Fitzherbert Avenue

Work will begin soon between Fitzherbert Ave and Victoria Ave

We're resealing this stretch of road on Saturday 8 March and possibly Saturday 15 March. 

Last year we installed indented bus bays in the area, but bad weather meant we couldn’t reseal the road before winter. Resealing the road makes it smoother and quieter to travel on.

Once the road is resealed, we'll repaint it, and include buffered cycle lanes. This is where the cycleway is widened to keep a greater distance between people on bikes and motorists.

As mentioned during consultation in 2018, this means a large amount of on-street parking will be removed: 70% from the northern side and half from the southern side. On the northern side, we're removing parking from Fitzherbert Ave to Ada St, and again from Phoenix Ave to Victoria Ave. On the southern side, parking between Ada St and Phoenix Ave will be removed.

Where will you park?

We’ve conducted a number of parking surveys in the area on different days and times and are confident there will be enough parking on the side streets for extra vehicles or visitors.

Photo shows parking availability on Union, Marne, Morris and Colombia Streets, and Milverton and Phoenix Ave.

Our surveys have identified the streets in blue as areas with parking availability.

We're working to minimise traffic disruptions

The resealing is happening on Saturdays to minimise disruptions to weekday and school traffic. We've set aside two days in case the work takes longer than expected or the weather is bad.

The road will be repainted a few days after it's been sealed. The painting will happen at night. Our contractors will notify residents and businesses when this happens, as cars cannot be parked on the road at the time.

No changes between Albert St and Victoria Ave

In our construction update last year we said we’d be trialling the installation of planter boxes on the road to make the street appear narrower. This can help reduce vehicle speeds. However, several of you contacted us unhappy about the idea. We’ve listened and decided not to proceed with that. We are however keeping a close eye on vehicle speeds, and may look at other measures if speeding remains a problem. This stretch will not be resealed as it remains in good condition. A cycle lane will not be added. This small stretch has sharrows – a symbol which highlights to motorists the presence of people on bikes, and that it is a shared space.

February project update: Maxwells Line to Botanical Road

Last year we installed indented bus bays on this stretch of College Street. These bays mean drivers can see better and allow buses to drop off passengers without affecting the flow of traffic. The next step is to widen the cycle lane. Later this year the road will be repainted.

As mentioned during the 2018 consultation and 2019 construction update, parking on the northern side of College St will be removed in this area. This is because people are parking in very narrow stretches of road and blocking the cycle lane, which affects the flow of traffic. Residents were generally happy with that proposal. There will also be small pockets of parking removed on the southern side.

Where will you park?

Photo shows map that defines parking availability in Glen, Marsden, Hurley, Austin, Panako, Strathmore and Burfield Places, Alexander, Rochester, Kingston and Sheffield Streets, and Kent and Nairn Crescents.

Our surveys have identified the streets in blue as areas with parking availability.

Trial upgrades at Awapuni shops to start in March (Nairn to Panako)

When construction started last year, Awapuni residents and businesses were concerned about the impact of removing some of the parking around the shops. Many also raised concerns regarding the speed of motorists in the area. As a result, we held a separate consultation in July that proposed four different options for upgrades around the Awapuni shops at Pitama Rd. We received more than 300 submissions, and Council voted to trial some of the measures.

The trial will see two new indented parking bays installed across the road from the shops. Two trees need to be removed for this to happen – they’re outside numbers 109 and 115. We'll be widening the cycle lane and putting flexiposts up to create a barrier between motorists and people on bikes. As you approach the shops from both sides, new signs will be installed to signal to road users they’re entering a village. Bright road marking (likely red) will also mark that it is a slower speed area.

This work will be done over the next few months, starting 9 March. We’ll be monitoring the results, and in time will assess whether they’ve been a success, or if other measures are needed to keep road users and shoppers safe.

For more information

This work forms part of the Council’s Active and Public Transport Plan 2018-21 (now incorporated into our revised strategic direction) and Urban Cycle Network Masterplan. Both plans have a shared goal of seeing more people walking, biking, and using public transport.