Council & City

Colquhoun Park upgrade

We upgraded Colquhoun Park ahead of the 2020 Junior Men’s Softball World Championship in February.

Softball diamonds

Photo shows aerial view of softball diamonds at the park before the upgrade. Photo shows aerial view of refurbished softball diamonds and new floodlights at the upgraded park.

The changing rooms, diamonds, dugouts and fencing at the park have been upgraded, and new lighting installed.

Council was responsible for upgrading the changing rooms and diamonds, while Softball NZ worked on the dugouts, fencing and lighting.

We’ve been working with residents surrounding Colquhoun Park to minimise any disruptions during construction and the tournament.

Changing rooms

Photo shows changing room interior before the upgrade, with old seating and dividing screens. Photo shows the refurbished changing rooms at Colquhoun Park following its recent upgrade.


Construction was completed in January 2020.

We’re committed to a healthy and active community

This park helps bring that vision to life. You can read more about that in our Active Communities Plan, which supports our goal to be a creative and exciting city.