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Esplanade river entrance

Moving between two of the city’s favourite spots will become a lot easier this summer, with construction underway on a new entrance connecting the Victoria Esplanade and Manawatū River.

This project will provide a clear entrance point from our premier park to our awa.

We're converting the small track next to the Scenic Railway Station into a pathway that will be the main entry point from the park to the river.

This is an obvious location as it has the carpark, is close to the Park Road entrance to the park, and next to the Scenic railway station, Lido and Ongley Park.

The Esplanade Scenic Railway and the campground were involved in the design.

The pathway has a railway theme to tie into the station and includes used railway track that has been used in our city.

From the carpark you will walk down a concrete path and through the titoki trees to a lit viewing platform and pergola. There'll be seats and views to the river and He Ara Kotahi. The pathway will be a combination of concrete and wood to ensure it can be used by everyone.

Construction started in early November is is expected to take two to three months. The former access track is closed during construction. 


Summer 2020-21.

We want more people to visit and enjoy the river each year

This project forms part of our Manawatū River Framework, which has a goal of getting more people visiting and enjoying the river each year. Developing our Manawatū River network is one of our major focus areas over the next 10 years.