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Linklater Reserve development

Before July 2020 we’ll be opening up a disc golf course, adding an aeroplane for children to play on, planting a giant pattern that can be seen from landing planes and extending the carpark at Linklater Reserve. We’re also completing the dog-proof fencing around the park.

Photo shows gleeful child celebrating getting his frisbee in the disc golf 'hole'. The windfarm can be seen on the hills in the background, and streetlights beginning to turn on around the twilight city.

The disc golf course is open!

Linklater is one of the city’s largest reserves at 25.5 hectares. It lies on the outskirts of the city in Kelvin Grove and is surrounded by farms.

The park is home to wetland areas, with great views of the windmills and is the perfect place for plane spotting.

We’ve been developing this park for the past couple of years, adding walkways, toilets, a swing bridge, log and tyre scramble, bike pump track, flying fox, dog agility area, and picnic areas.

After we complete this year’s work, we’ll be adding a mountain bike track, planting and another play feature in 2020-21.


2019-22: Work on Linklater Reserve will be completed

The big picture

We're committed to a healthy and active community. This park helps bring that vision to life. You can read more about that in our Active Communities Plan, which supports our goal to be a creative and exciting city.