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Papaioea Park UV installation

Installing UV treatment on our Papaioea Park bores will ensure your drinking water continues to be some of the cleanest in our country.

Papaioea Park is home to three of the city’s bores, supplying drinking water to large areas of our city.

Bores work by tapping into large pockets of water underground and bringing it to the surface. This water is typically very clean.

Two of the bores are currently working, and we’ve recently installed a third. Before that bore can start pumping water around the city we need to install a UV light system. We use UV at some of our bore sites to ensure our water is as clean as it can be. All three bores will be connected to the UV treatment process.

Our city’s water is some of the cleanest in New Zealand and goes above and beyond government drinking water standards. This UV treatment will ensure this remains the case.

We have built a garage over the bore site. While this building doesn’t require building or resource consent, we'll be making sure it fits in with the other sheds, and doesn’t affect the look and feel of the park.


Construction should be completed in November 2019.

The bore will then undergo rigorous water quality testing before it is used to supply drinking water.

Photo shows water being poured into a clear glass.

We’re committed to maintaining some of the best water services in the country

This project was delivered under our Three Waters Plan 2018-21. Our new Waters Plan (part of our revised strategic direction) outlines our priorities over the next few years so we can continue to provide, and future proof a clean and healthy water supply.