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Sealing river paths

We want to see more people walking and cycling along our awa, so will be sealing some key routes.

Photo shows woman biking along the river pathway.

As part of our goal to get more people enjoying the Manawatu River, we’re upgrading some of the current limestone paths to concrete or asphalt, to make them easier for people to cycle and walk on.

We’ll be sealing the section along Dittmer Drive leading up to He Ara Kotahi Bridge in concrete. The section between the bridge and Fitzherbert Bridge, on the Massey University side will be a creative combination of asphalt and concrete using glow stones.

The work along Dittmer Drive will take a few months, so we are going to break the work into sections so the public can continue to use the pathway. This work will start before Christmas.

On the other side, work will begin in the new year and will take a couple of months. We’ll be providing access during construction so people can continue to enjoy the river.


  • Late 2019: Dittmer Drive work begins
  • Early 2020: construction of pathway on the Massey University side

We want more people to visit and enjoy the river each year

This project forms part of our Manawatū River Framework, which has a goal of getting more people visiting and enjoying the river each year. Developing our Manawatū River network is one of our major focus areas over the next 10 years.