Council & City

Telemetry upgrades

We’re updating the technology that allows us to get water to and from your home.

To provide you with clean water and to remove your sewage and rainwater, Council operates pumps at sites across the whole of Palmerston North. To make sure they are all doing their job all the time we rely on technology to enable them to talk to each other. This is called telemetry and it can remotely monitor anything that affects how we provide water services.

Our current telemetry equipment is no longer up to best practice, so we’re upgrading it so we can continue to provide the right amount of water to your home, exactly when you need it, and to make sure your sewage and rainwater is taken away with no inconvenience.

This work includes upgrading the tower in the Tararua Ranges where this technology is based.

While you won’t notice any actual difference to the supply of your water or removal of sewage or rainwater, this is an important project in future-proofing our water services as our population grows.


Construction underway late 2019.

We’re committed to maintaining some of the best water services in the country

This project was delivered under our Three Waters Plan 2018-21. Our new Waters Plan (part of our revised strategic direction) outlines our priorities over the next few years so we can continue to provide, and future proof a clean and healthy water supply.