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Catch a glimpse of the new village gateways

Wednesday October 30 2019

Parts of the gateways are now on show in Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn. The new entrances will welcome visitors and provide a sense of place for those who call the villages home.

Photo shows group of people standing on the roadside seen through a semi-installed gate with the Longburn Store in the background.

Palmy residents are now able to catch a glimpse of new entrances to the city’s villages.

There have been four gateways into Palmerston North for almost 20 years, but none to mark the four villages, which are major access points to the city.

Gateways will be completed in coming weeks

The gateways are primarily made up of four panels and poles. They’re made of large steel beams clad with weathered timbers to remind people of the timber and rail heritage of the city.

Three of the panels are the same in each location, but the fourth is unique to the area.

The design for each village has been created by artist James Molnar. They came about from identities and values each of the communities suggested during the consultation.

The panels have been installed and were blessed by iwi this morning.

Over the next few weeks, the large wooden poles will be installed, and the area around the gateways planted. They’ll be native plant species endemic to the region. There’ll also be Phormium (flax) and Astroderia (toetoe) to reference the wetland environment and the region's history of flax gathering and milling of the region.

Signs in Te Reo and English are being installed explaining the meaning behind each villages unique panel.

Photo shows urban designer explaining the detail in a steel panel to two men watching on.

Council's urban designer explains the detail in one of the panels.

Gateways recognise village importance

Council's Chief Infrastructure Officer, Tom Williams, says these gateways will become iconic to people travelling into our city.

“Thousands of people travel through these villages every day to get into Palmerston North, without them realising they’re already in our city boundaries. These villages are vital parts of our city, and now visitors will know that too.”