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Cuba Street redevelopment

We’re creating a people-friendly route that connects Central Energy Trust Arena to the city centre.

Photo shows people biking and walking, some with dogs, and others drinking coffee at seats on the street.

We finished stage one earlier this year.

The revamped street will have wider footpaths, trees and green spaces, outdoor recreation and dining areas, better street lighting and public seating. The main pedestrian route will be along the sunny southern side of the street.

These changes will encourage people into the inner-city streets and bring benefits for our local economy, encouraging people to actively spend more time in the city and enjoy our shops, cafes, restaurants and events.

We’ve already made some great changes to Cuba Street

In 2019 we completed the first stage of our Cuba Street upgrade between George Street and Pitt Street. The upgrades included narrowing the road, raising part of the road by Distinction Hotel and widening footpaths. We also upgraded street lighting and public seating, and planted trees.

After doing this work, vehicle speeds dropped 10km/hr, demonstrating that this work has made the street safer for all road users.

Photo shows the next section of Cuba Street to be upgraded, between Rangitikei and George.

Looking from Rangitikei towards George: This stretch of the street will be upgraded next.

In 2021 we’ll begin construction from George Street to Rangitikei Street. We’re currently designing what it may look like and then we’ll consult with affected businesses.


  • Early 2020: Remove water and sewer pipes that are more than 100 years old. We need to replace these in order to keep up with future demand. Once these have been removed the section will be temporarily sealed.
  • Mid-late 2020: Consultation with affected business-owners.
  • 2022: Construction begins.

We're transforming our city centre

Our plans for Cuba Street are covered in more detail in the City Centre Framework. In this document you can see how they fit with some of our other ideas for the city centre. You can also take a look at our City Centre Streetscape Plan which details our plans for the spaces and streets around The Square and Broadway Avenue.