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Duplicate water main

To protect Palmy's water supply for the future, we've built another water main pipe from our treatment plant to the Ngahere Park Reservoir.

Photo shows Palmerston North's water reservoir in the Turitea Valley.

Our main water supply comes from the Turitea Dam at the northern end of the Tararua ranges. It provides about two-thirds of our water. After it’s treated it then travels through a major pipe to the reservoir, where a network of pipes takes the water to your homes and businesses.

To protect our water supply for the future, we've laid another water main pipe alongside the existing pipe to ensure water supply into the city will not be affected by an emergency, such as a major operational problem or an earthquake.

The old pipe is 525mm in diameter, made of steel and lined with concrete - which can crack under pressure.

The new pipe is 450mm in diameter and consist of thick plastic material that can bend in an earthquake.

In 2020, we began installing the pipe from the treatment plant to just past its entry gates. The pipe was officially opened in December 2021.

The rest of the city’s water comes from a series of bores scattered around the city.

We’re committed to supplying some of the best water services in the country

Our Waters Plan (see below) outlines our priorities over the next few years so we can continue to provide and future proof a clean and healthy water supply.