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Memorial Park upgrade

Over the next year we’re hoping to upgrade Memorial Park with a new playground and giant splashpad, subject to external funding.

Photo shows howizter next to wartime-themed facility block.

Work is already underway to strengthen the landmark park's memorial theme.

Our Memorial Park development plan outlines how we plan to make the park more social, accessible, and better for playing as a family.

The park is going to have stronger ties to its name, with a poppy and theme running throughout.

Photo shows artist's illustration of new splashpad next to the paddling pool at Memorial Park.

The first stage of this work is to create a huge splashpad to supplement the paddling pool.

We’ll also be upgrading the playground to make it the most accessible park in Palmy.

We have a $250,000 budget for part of the splashpad, but need to fundraise another $250,000.

If we can do that before the end of summer, this work will take place in 2020 and reopen in time for summer 2020-21.

Other upgrades to the park will happen over the next eight years.

We’ll be keeping you updated on progress on this page and on our social media channels.

Photo shows artist's illustration of the proposed splashpad at Memorial Park.

Artist's illustration of what the park could look like with a splashpad.


Construction winter 2020 if we get fundraising.

More information

You can read more about our plans for the park here: