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Community clean-ups

A community clean-up event can be an easy way to harness the energy and spirit of your neighbourhood. It might even lead to more opportunities to collaborate.

Photo shows kids with pick-up sticks and bags of rubbish at a community cleanup event in a park.

Adopt a spot and do your bit for Papatuanuku.

Bring your community together to protect the public spaces you love

Community-led clean-up events can bring a community together to further protect the public spaces they love. Sometimes Council can't get to a park or street quickly enough to clean up fly-tipping but can support communities to take ownership over their places. Clean-up events are one of the easiest things for groups to get started within a park or neighbourhood and can spark other awesome community ideas.

How to get involved

Council can support community clean-ups with the cost of disposal, and gloves and pick-up sticks. We can provide green rubbish bags for small items, or organise to pick up larger items from an agreed location.

Contact us for more information or to book in a clean-up event.

Photo shows man surrounded by bags and buckets of rubbish he's picked up.

Some of the haul from a clean-up at the Railway Station.