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Community gardens

Community gardens are great for bringing people together to share knowledge, stories and even some fresh, community-grown kai. Labour and food are two common languages we all share that can help cross cultural boundaries.

Photo shows people gardening in public allotments.

A local community garden.

Community gardens bring neighbours together

Community gardens are an amazing way for neighbours of all ages and backgrounds to work on a project together. Community gardens can be created anywhere so long as you have the landowner’s permission. Community gardens can be used in several ways including planting flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Benefits of a community garden

  • Provide a community resource for fresh produce
  • Promote an active lifestyle for mental and physical health
  • Create social opportunities and networks to promote acceptance and belonging
  • Share knowledge and pass on skills
  • Help build a safe and welcoming neighbourhood and foster community spirit

If you'd like help to start a community garden in your neighbourhood, get in touch.