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Laneways don't have to be eyesores. Find out how to use placemaking initiatives to make laneways a destination for residents and visitors alike.

Photo shows two women looking at street art in an inner-city laneway.

Checking out the street art in Berrymans Lane.

Transforming laneways into inviting spaces

Laneways are often used as thoroughfares for vehicles, and generally go unused by people as they appear unsafe. By using placemaking initiatives, we can transform our laneways into safer and more inviting spaces. 

Five approaches to transforming laneways

  1. Murals and street art – using artworks on empty walls or streets can add vibrancy and create an intriguing space for passers-by.
  2. Lighting – adding lighting to an otherwise dark and dingy environment makes the laneway feel safer and more inviting for people. Residents and visitors will be more inclined to use the laneway to get to their destination, contributing to a more stimulating city environment.
  3. Engaging businesses – businesses that back onto laneways might be interesting in using a revamped space to extend their footprint.
  4. Restricting vehicles – by restricting access to vehicles the laneway becomes safer for pedestrians to walk through and enjoy the space.
  5. Events and activations – reveal the place identity of a laneway by hosting events that fit the character of the place.

If you want to lead a laneway project, feel free to get in touch to discuss it with us.