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Play streets and street parties

Streets are for people as much as vehicles. Play street activities and street parties reinforce that fact by temporarily excluding cars and providing an opportunity for coming together as neighbours.

Photo shows group of neighbours chatting to each other at a barbecue in the street.

Rosedale Crescent residents making the most of their street.

Reinventing streets as social spaces

Think of a street party as potluck placemaking. Everyone has something to bring to the table to make the party a great bonding experience. Play streets are similar, but with a stronger focus on making the street as playful as possible.

Play streets and street parties remind neighbours that the road that they are a part of is a social space, so creating a safe environment for socialising is important.

The UK's Playing Out team have pulled together some great information on the reasons for protecting street play in neighbourhoods.

How to get involved

We're working on a streamlined process for neighbourhoods to close roads for play streets and street parties. In the meantime, we can support your neighbourhood with the bulk of traffic management for your street party. All we will need from you is support signatures from affected residents and a basic plan for the road closure. Contact us to get the ball rolling.