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Placemaking is a community-based approach to improving neighbourhoods and reinventing public spaces. It’s all about getting people involved in making the most of their community’s assets to create high quality public spaces.

Timelapse of the Good Earth Matters mural in Queen Street. Video by Swiftmantis Productions.

Placemaking in Palmerston North

We use the Creative Communities DIY kits – a great resource for anyone interested in the big ideas behind placemaking and how to put them into practice locally. The kits were developed by David Engwicht, founder of Creative Communities International, and trialled in Palmerston North in 2012.

To follow placemaking as it happens in our city, see Placemaking Palmerston North on Facebook

Placemaking in other places

See what’s happening with placemaking in other parts of New Zealand and overseas:

Find out more

To find out more about placemaking or get involved, email Keegan Aplin-Thane