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Streets for People

The world’s most exciting cities have one thing in common – a vibrant city centre enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Our Streets for People project aims to achieve just that.

A vibrant city centre will make Palmerston North even more attractive for work and play, provide more opportunities for locals and visitors to connect with the city and the people who live there, and bring significant benefits for the local economy.

Council’s masterplan for the central city makeover emphasises pedestrian friendly public spaces, cultivating a lively economy after 5pm, and attracting more private investment in the city centre. For more information, see our related strategies and plans.

Square East stage one

Stage one works will be along The Square side only. This is planned so construction will avoid the busy Christmas shopping period. In mid-2019, work will begin on the other side of the road, in front of the businesses.

Proposed stage one improvements

  • new granite footpaths and kerbs
  • new tree pits and generous underplanting
  • informal crossing locations
  • resurfacing of parking and traffic lane
  • future-proofing utility services

The parking bays will be flexible spaces – as well as parking, they can be used for pop-up markets, artworks, additional seating, and added green space.


  • November 2018: Stormwater
  • January to March 2019: Construction

What will it look like?

Broadway Avenue would be transformed into a social space, with a central shared area outside the Regent Theatre, wider footpaths on the southern side for pedestrians to enjoy the sun, and areas that could be closed off to traffic for markets and events. A pop-up canopy would provide shade in summer and protection from the wind and rain in winter.

The Square would become the permanent home for inter-regional buses, while Main Street East would feature a new local transport hub with a pedestrian friendly bus terminal.

Ideas to enhance the current inter-regional bus terminal in The Square include additional shelter that could incorporate a café and retail space, and an area that could be used as an outreach space by the City Library, Te Manawa, or the Regent Theatre.

Other improvements around The Square would include generous footpaths to allow pedestrians to enjoy the sun or seek shade, more seating areas and social spaces, and an emphasis on public art and performance areas. Rangitikei Street would be transformed into a tree lined boulevard to create a nicer entranceway to the city, and a raised plaza at Coleman Mall would encourage pedestrians to cross over into The Square.

The Council will be working alongside city centre retailers and businesses to ensure they benefit from the Streetscape Plan. They would also like to support landowner and retailer precinct groups to assist with the revitalisation of the city centre.

What’s in scope?

The plan allows for a range of streetscape upgrades including carriageways, parking, footpaths, hard and soft landscaping, and the city’s urban and inter-regional bus terminals. The plan was developed in line with Council’s long-term plan.