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Ian Matheson City Archives

The Ian Matheson City Archives hold Council records as well as those donated by local businesses and families. The archives offer a unique record of our city over time. You can search the archives online or at the City Library.

Interested in finding out about Palmerston North and Palmerstonians? The Ian Matheson City Archives is the gateway to exploring the city and people.

The archives offer an insight into the historical development of Palmerston North, with practical advice on making the most of a visit to us. As part of the collections of the Research and Archives area of the Libraries and Community Services, we also have wider secondary resources on hand to compliment the archives. 

It is suggested that you contact staff ahead of time via email or phone, to talk about your needs, and to order archives so they are ready for you to view.

What are archives?

Archives are the records that are made, received and accumulated during the life of an organisation or person. They are preserved because of their continuing evidential and informational value, and are generally unique and irreplaceable.

Who uses the archives?

All those who are interested in local history and the development of Palmerston North and its environs, such as local historians, academic and school researchers and genealogists, or for one-off local interest enquiries.

Where do our archives come from?

As well as receiving archives from the Palmerston North City Council, we hold a wide collection of donated records from local businesses, organisations or families.


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Search Pataka Ipurangi for digitised archival resources

Visiting the archives

Research and Archives, 2nd Floor, Palmerston North City Library

Library opening hours:


9:30am - 6pm


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