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Linklater Reserve

Linklater Reserve is currently 5.5 hectares of largely open grasslands with some pleasant modest hills and gully and wetland areas. It is set on the rural edge of town, surrounded by farms on two sides and the elevated slopes provide great views over the city to the ranges and the wind-farms. It is particularly popular with dog walkers and regularly hosts dog events and is a great location if you want to set up a slip and slide (contact the parks team at the Council about access to the water supply). Linklater Reserve is under the flight path to the Palmerston North Airport, so it is a great place to be a plane spotter.

Used for

Walking, picnics, dog walking, bike pump track


The adventurous swing bridge is popular with children, a small gazebo style shelter is provided, and there are three picnic tables spaced around the 1 km of walkways. Signage provides interesting information on the plants in the gully as well as the types of panes that can be seen passing overhead. A bike pump track and jumps for those who like to do a bit of biking is positioned up over the brow of the hill and there is a drinking fountain that includes a dog bowl.

Plans for the future

Linklater Reserve is 25.5 hectares in size but only 5.5 hectares has been opened up to the public to date. The remaining 20 hectares will be developed over the next five years. Read more: Linklater Reserve development


Kelvin Grove Road

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