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Community garden options

Pascal Street Community Trust has to relocate its community garden. At its meeting on 6 June, Council's Sport and Recreation Committee recommended the trust be granted a licence to establish a new garden in Alexander Park.

Photo shows people gardening in public allotments.

The proposal

Palmerston North City Council is considering licencing Pascal Street Community trust to occupy up to 5,000m2 of either:

  • OPTION A: Alexander Park or
  • OPTION B: Awapuni Park

The trust intends to relocate its existing garden because the land has been sold, and provide a replacement garden at either Alexander Park of Awapuni Park. The garden will include family gardening plots and community garden areas for vegetable and fruit production. The trust employs a part-time Garden Coordinator to administer the garden.

See below for the pros and cons we've identified at each site. 

If you've any queries about this proposal, please contact Aaron Phillips, Senior Property and Parks Planner: email

Why are we considering the proposal?

The trust has been successful in running a popular garden for seven years that serves 90 families. Gardening is a popular activity and Council would like to support the gardens continuing at a new location. Various sites have been assessed and these two options are the trust's preferred locations. 

What will the new community garden look like?

The garden will be a series of raised beds with paths between them. Park users will still be able to walk through the gardens, which will be positioned in a way to maintain open spaces for general recreation in the rest of the park. The trust employs a part-time coordinator who's responsible for administering and looking after the garden.

What does it mean for you?

As provided for under section (120) of the Reserves Act 1977 any person or organisation has the right to make a submission objecting (or otherwise) to the proposal to lease reserve land. Any such party will also have the opportunity to speak to their submissions at a Council meeting if they wish.

Pros and cons of each site

Alexander Park



Large sportsfield area with room for the garden to grow beyond the planned size if it's successful, and still have plenty of open space No on-site paths, playground, toilets or storage.
Opportunities to work with neighbouring kohanga, kindergarten and primary school, and possibly other organisations in the Awapuni area Removes the park from being a sportsfield (although it has only been used for one season in the past 10 years)
Good car parking  
No tree removal required  
Small saving in park mowing costs, and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions  

Awapuni Park



Hub of existing facilities with playground, public toilet and community centre good for supporting family community gardening Up to six mature trees ( 4 gums, 1 willow, 1 boxed elder) would eventually be removed, assuming the garden grows to the planned size
Planned paths on the park can be tailored to suit garden as well as public access Soft ground in winter may limit access for garden materials delivery
Opportunities to work with neighbouring playgroup We've had reports that butterflies overwinter on some of the trees proposed for removal. The butterflies would have to find alternative trees 
Good car parking and access points Reduced amount of open space at the park
Old toilets are planned for replacement and could become storage sheds for gardens tools  
Can retain 50m x 30m playing space next to the playground if six trees are removed (plus a hilled area)  
Reduced debris, moss and algae growth on the tennis courts (this is caused by two of the gum trees which would eventually be removed)  
Small saving in park mowing costs, and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions  

More information about the trees proposed for removal (PDF, 190KB)