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Creative Cities Index

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. Your participation will shape future decision making and give direction to Council on what we should be focusing on. We expect the results to be available mid-year.

Photo shows two women laughing and playing chess on giant set in the Square.

Ever wondered how we rank compared to other cities around the world? Palmerston North first took part in the Creative Cities Index six years ago. Now we’re doing it again.

What is the Creative Cities Index?

The Creative City Index is a survey that takes stock of a place’s creative pulse. We use it to establish if Palmerston North is punching above its expected weight, given our size, location, resources and opportunities.

Who is supposed to do the survey?

The survey is for everyone, whether you live in Palmy or not. We want to hear from residents and businesses. The more people we hear from the better.

What does it consider?

While it’s called the Creative City Index, it measures a number of things. The survey asks questions around these 10 themes:

  • entrepreneurship, exploration and innovation
  • communication, connectivity and networking
  • the place and placemaking
  • liveability and wellbeing
  • professionalism and effectiveness
  • political and public framework
  • distinctiveness, diversity, vitality and expression
  • openness, trust, tolerance and accessibility
  • strategic leadership, agility and vision
  • talent and the learning landscape

How do we measure up?

Palmerston North is currently the only city in New Zealand that undertakes the Creative City Index. It was last completed here in 2013. We ranked 12th out of 22 cities indexed to date and ahead of other larger international places such as Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Seville.

The 2013 survey results praised Palmerston North as a comfortable place with a good level of wellbeing, making it easy to live, connect with others, network and move around. However, there were also a number of areas that required a step change focus – to think less like a town and more like a city, to enhance the quality of our built environment, to be more open to new ideas and ways of thinking, to grasp new opportunities, retain young talent, and enhance our external reputation.

Why do we care about our score?

We’re working to build Palmerston North’s reputation as a creative and exciting place to live, work and study, that has great places for people, and the attractions, recreation options and experiences of a big city without the hassle and cost. As part of our vision and goals we want to raise our ranking in this survey significantly over the next 10 years.

When will we know the results?

The survey was open to the public for 10 weeks. It closed on 26 April. Once all responses are analysed and indexed we expect the results to be available by mid-year.