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Draft speed limits bylaw

We’re looking to change the speed limits on some roads around our city. Find out more about the specific changes we’re proposing, and then fill out the submission form to have your say.

Submissions are open until 5pm on Friday 4 September 2020.

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What we’re asking

We want to know whether you support or oppose the speed limits we’re proposing for specific roads in these four areas:

These changes will be part of a new Speed Limits Bylaw. You can comment on as many or as few of the proposed speed limits as you like.

Overview of proposed speed limit changes

Our proposed changes are summarised here. You can read about them in more detail in the consultation document. We’ve also included details in the online form to make it easier for you to reference specific changes in your feedback.


There’s been lots of development around Ashhurst in the past few years, which means that some of the speed limits in the village might not be appropriate anymore.

These developments, as well as the closure of the Manawatu Gorge road, have changed how traffic moves around the village, prompting us to review speed limits, especially for vehicles coming and going from Ashhurst.

Tennent Drive/Massey University

Speed limits on Tennent Drive change frequently, which can be confusing for drivers so we’re proposing making the speed limits in this area more consistent.

Speed limits on this route haven’t kept up with development and increasing traffic from Food HQ, especially around the interchange from Fitzherbert Bridge around Summerhill Drive and along Tennent Drive.

Feedback from the community last year indicated that many people supported a reduction in speed along Tennent Drive, but felt that it was important to ensure that changes wouldn’t slow the route too much, especially for those travelling to and from the city.


Most of the changes we’re proposing are to roads in the Milson area. There's been an increase in traffic, especially trucks and other heavy vehicles, around the North East Industrial Zone, which means that higher speeds might no longer be appropriate.

An increase in development on Kelvin Grove Road has also prompted a review of speed in the area.


We’re proposing some changes to the stretch of Pahiatua-Aokautere Road that falls under Palmerston North City Council jurisdiction. The current speed limit on the road is no longer safe and appropriate due to the road condition.

We’re also proposing reducing speeds on adjacent roads.

Public meetings

Join us at a community meeting near you to discuss the proposal:

  • Ashhurst Library: 4pm to 6pm, Monday 3 August
  • Central Library: 4pm to 6pm, Thursday 6 August
  • Bunnythorpe School: 7:30pm, Tuesday 18 August

Tell us what you think

Fill in the online form by 5pm on Friday 4 September. Alternatively, you can return the submission form at the back of the consultation document, or email your feedback to

What happens next?

These proposed changes are stage one of an ongoing process to review speed limits across Palmerston North.

The timeline indicates the approximate timing and scope of upcoming stages of the speed limits review.