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Intersection improvements

Council is planning safety improvements to the intersection of Monrad Street with Pencarrow and Ronberg Streets.

The two options aim to raise the visibility of the intersection to approaching drivers. This would address the leading crash causes where drivers either fail to see the intersection or do not obey the give way controls.

Feedback on this consultation closed at the end of January, and will now be considered by Council.

Option one

  • Pedestrian refuge islands on Pencarrow and Ronberg Streets
  • Textured road surface on approaches to Monrad Street

Option one is aimed at reducing the approach speed of vehicles approaching Monrad Street and reducing the number of crashes. The pedestrian refuge and road marking have potential to raise the visibility of the intersection, which is expected to reduce the number of crashes.

Option two

  • Pedestrian refuge islands on Pencarrow and Ronberg Streets
  • Coloured kerb extensions with green boxes for cyclists (raised pavement markers or ceramics can be installed to protect coloured areas from vehicles)
  • Coloured pedestrian platforms

Option two could potentially provide similar efficiency to option one, helping to reduce the number of crashes and the speeds of approaching vehicles by raising the visibility of the intersection. This option would also provide safer crossing points for pedestrians.

Safety benefits

Both options are expected to result in reduced potential for crashes. They will also provide improvements for pedestrians and cyclists using the intersection. The costs for the two options are likely to be less than a conventional roundabout. The proposed treatments are relatively new concepts and not used widely in residential areas, so their true potential for reducing crashes is not fully understood. Council will be monitoring the performance of the intersection and will take further action if necessary.

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