Get Involved

Let’s talk play in the city

We want to make the city centre a vibrant, fun and stimulating place to spend time. And we'd love your input. Share your ideas to help us plan for play.

What can we do to make the city centre more playful?

Photo shows screenshot of interactive ideas wall on consultation website.

Head over to our ideas wall to join the discussion, share an idea, or vote on other people's ideas.

Play is for everybody at every age

We’re working to provide play opportunities and spaces for everyone in our community and we need your input.

It’s not just about playgrounds. Play opportunities could be in parks, reserves, schools, natural and open spaces, on our streets and footpaths, and at Council facilities such as pools and libraries.

It’s also not just about kids – we want to hear from a range of age groups.

Where do you play?

Do you bike around your street? Do you paint by the Esplanade? Or search for Pokémon at your local sportsfield? There are so many kinds of play, and we recently asked our community where they like to play around our city. See what others said about playing in Palmy by checking out the comments on our interactive map.

Why is play important?

While play is fun, it’s also critical for the development of social, physical and emotional skills. Play:

  • sets the foundation for literacy and learning and encourages communication
  • gives us the chance to be spontaneous and express ourselves in different ways
  • allows us to move and test our physical boundaries
  • teaches patience and understanding
  • helps us learn how to make decisions in tricky situations.