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Proposed Ashhurst Domain function centre

Palmerston North City Council is considering a proposal to lease an area of the Ashhurst Domain for a function centre (under the Reserves Act 1977.)

Photo shows architect's drawing of proposed site indicating building footprint and hard landscaping.

Architect's drawing of the proposed wedding and event venue in Ashhurst Domain.

The proposal is for a function centre on the top of the lookout towards the pony club. The area was previously occupied by a café which burnt down.

The applicant would:

  • renovate the existing building on the site to be a commercial kitchen
  • modify the existing (unused) toilets
  • build a 26 x 12 metre semi-permanent marquee on a concrete pad
  • move on two 40-foot containers fitted out as bar and storage facilities
  • relocate the walking path 2-3 metres
  • carry out landscaping including screening/treatment of the containers and plantings
  • remove six mature gum trees (to prevent tree limbs falling on to the function centre).

Function centre target market

  • weddings and private events on Friday and Saturday nights until midnight
  • pop-up café/restaurant
  • corporate events
  • markets and public events.

The applicant says the benefits of a function centre in the Domain could include opportunities to hold activities and support events that take place on the sportsfield, at the pony club, associated with the cemetery or community or family celebrations that would benefit from indoor or hospitality facilities. A new venue for wedding and corporate events in the city would be available. A market assessed income would be generated from the lease.

The applicant has given thought to security for the Domain and other users, cleaning the site and its surrounding areas, and noise. For more details, see the reports listed below.

Negative effects

The proposal would require removing six gum trees to reduce the risk of branches falling on the function centre.

The applicant has commissioned a noise assessment that concluded there would be an effect on the campground.

Proposed hours of operation

7am until 10pm Sunday through Thursday for the functions, with a one-hour pack-down period until 11pm

7am until 12am (midnight) on Fridays and Saturdays for the functions, with a one-hour pack-down period until 1am except:

  • Waitangi Day
  • Easter weekend
  • Anzac Day
  • Queen’s Birthday weekend
  • Labour weekend
  • 18 December to 30 December

The hours on these days would be 7am to 10pm with a one-hour pack-down period until 11pm even if they fell on a Friday or Saturday.

Please note that any effects on surrounding properties, the roading network, and other matters that are governed by the Resource Management Act 1991 will be covered by a resource consent application which would be lodged if approval for the lease is granted.

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Drop-in sessions

Ashhurst Library:

  • Tuesday 16 July 4pm to 6pm
  • Saturday 20 July 11.30am to 1.30pm

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If you’ve any questions or would like to talk to someone about this proposal, please come along to one of the drop-in sessions, or contact PNCC Senior Parks Planner Aaron Phillips: email or phone 06 356 8199