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Waste management and minimisation review

Palmerston North is sending more waste to landfill than ever before, and with a growing population it’s a problem we need to get on top of. Every six years we are legally required to review our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and show how we plan to cut what is going to landfill.

Feedback on this consultation closed on 1 March and will now be considered by Council.

Photo shows pictures and percentages for items in our waste that could be diverted from landfill.

Click on the magnifying glass to see items in our waste that could be diverted from landfill.

In 2017 we sent 45 thousand tonnes of waste to landfill - about 533 kg per person. Close to half (48%) of that could potentially have been composted, reused or recycled instead.

Our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan includes a requirement to have measures in place to reduce what we are sending to landfill over the next six years.

Councillors requested a plan that would see the city increasing what we are recycling, composting or re-using by 10 per cent.

To do that we are considering introducing:

  • a food collection service (likely $50 per household)
  • maximum limits for certain materials in household kerbside rubbish collection
  • rules for companies to refuse bins that have lots of material that could have been reused, reduced or recycled

We're also considering investigating:

  • a facility that can sort construction and demolition waste
  • a drop-off point for recycling and green waste in the north of the city
  • the potential for Council to support non-profit early childhood education facilities and schools to enable them to divert more from landfill

The public consultation period has ended. Hearings are scheduled for April 2019.

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If you'd like to talk to someone about this review or have any questions, please contact PNCC Rubbish & Recycling Asset Engineer Natasha Hickmott on 06 356 8199 or email