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Civic Awards 1990 to 1999

Read about recipients of our city's highest honour.

There were no awards in 1994.


Norman Hopcroft

Mr Norman Hopcroft received a Civic Honour for his outstanding contribution to the development of youth in Palmerston North through nearly half a century of community service to the scouting movement. Norman Hopcroft has been a member of the Committee of the Te Awe Awe Scout Group for a continuous period of 45 years. His association with the group began in 1954 when the first of his three sons joined the group. Since that time he has served on the Committee in a variety of roles.

In the early days he was largely responsible for the organisation of paper drives and bottle collections, efforts which sustained the group 's finances, permitting among other things the involvement of youth from families for whom the cost of scouting activities would have otherwise been a burden. A carpenter by trade, he was heavily involved in building the original extensions to the Scout Hall, and has continued his involvement in that area to this day.

Thus, despite the fact that he is well into his 70's and long retired, Norman is the person mainly responsible for maintaining the hall, carrying out running repairs, and hiring it out to other community groups such as the local boxing club and Nga Rongonui. The activity is important not only because the revenue it brings helps with hall maintenance but also because it ensures that this facility is widely used as a community asset. Norman Hopcroft is a citizen of Palmerston North who has given outstanding service to the youth of the city over a long period of time.

Beverley Key

Civic Awards - 1999 - Beverly Key

Beverley Key received her Civic Honour for her services to the Palmerston North Amateur Swimming Club. Beverley Key joined the Palmerston North Amateur Swimming Club in 1938 and with the exception of the period from 1962 to 1967 when she had leave of absence, has been a member of the club since that time.

In 1945 Bev was elected to the Palmerston North Swimming Club Committee and again with the exception of the years 1962-67 has been a member until the present time. In 1945, Bev began teaching "Learn to Swim" at club level and continued to do this for the next 16 years.

In 1949 Bev was selected as the Palmerston North Club's delegate to the Manawatū Swimming Centre. In 1950 she qualified as a Centre Timekeeper and was an active official in the swimming centre for 12 years. She also served on the Manawatū Swimming Centre Executive, the body which is responsible for the day to day administration of swimming in the Manawatū.

From 1956 to 1959 Bev held the position of Club Captain and in this capacity she was responsible for encouraging swimmers to compete at outside events. In 1968 on resuming active service with the club Bev was elected onto the Committee. She became a driving force and began to arrange the Club's 75th Jubilee Celebrations.

In 1971 Bev was elected to the position of Vice President of the Club and held this position for seven years till 1978. From 1974 until 1978 Bev was involved in the New Zealand Volunteer Swim Service. Over the years she has also been a member of the Manawatū Coaches Group. In 1995 Bev was the Palmerston North Co-ordinator for the National Learn to Swim Campaign - "Lotto Take the Plunge". She has also been a force in ensuring that the history of the Palmerston North Swimming Club has been accurately recorded for posterity. Since 1965 Bev has also been actively involved in the Guiding movement.

Bev was employed in the Opera House for 53 years and during the time that she was compiling the Swimming Club 's history she took the opportunity to write the history of the Opera House and now has 12 volumes of notes and memorabilia. Bev is the epitome of the term "Pillar of Society". She has contributed so much for the benefit of so many while expecting nothing in return.

Mr Walter and Mrs Shirley Thompson

Civic Awards - 1999 - Walter and Shirley Thompson

Mr Walter and Mrs Shirley Thompson received Civic Honours for their time as family home foster parents for the Department of Social Welfare in Palmerston North. It is noted that the role of family home foster parent was an honorary one remunerated only by board payments and clothing allowance for each child. As was the case with Mr Thompson it was the normal practice for this foster father to be in paid employment. Such employment would help support the foster family.

Walter and Shirley gave 20 years of devoted work as family home foster parents. Their great parenting qualities provided the support for 732 children over that time. This is an amazing record of the dedicated work of this couple.

What was also recognised by the selection panel was the less tangible aspects of what they offered to all of those children and young people, namely their love, compassion and consistent excellent parenting. In circumstances when children cannot receive care from within their own families, such good alternative care is imperative, but has not always been easy to access.

The Thompsons however were always there to receive and embrace into their family, often quite distressed children and young people, giving them love, protection and support far beyond the expectations of contracted care. As many members of the wider family testified in the nomination, the relationships established have continued and the Thompsons have remained always 'There - for them'.

The contribution extends beyond the direct one to the children, as it includes adding to the professional field of knowledge for people in the social, medical and other professional fields. The Thompsons have been role models and mentors. Shirley & Walter's commitment is now reflected in the character of those whose lives were touched and influenced and who now contribute effectively as citizens and as parents themselves.


Anthony George Pierard

Anthony George Pierard received a Civic Honour for services to the Palmerston North community with over 30 years of active association in a large range of community, social and civic projects and events, where his involvement and generosity of his time and enthusiasm have been truly appreciated. It is known that he made an outstanding contribution to his country during the Second World War.

Tony is also known for his commitment, energy and time supporting groups such as the Manawatū Sports Foundation, where he was a foundation Trustee; the Regent Theatre Trust Board, where he was one of the leading lights in initiating the promotion of the restoration of the Theatre: the establishment of the Ohakea Museum, and the Centre point Theatre; the sport of hockey where he assisted in gathering resources to provide the artificial tuif for the hockey ground, and in the ongoing support for the Manawatū Rugby Football Union. He is an active member of the Awapuni Rotary Club.

Tony has made significant contributions to the Manawatū Sinfonia, Musica Viva, Theatre, Arts, Rugby, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Outdoor/Indoor Bowls, Outdoor/Indoor Hockey, Flying, Triathlon, Cycling, Motor and Kart Racing.

Frank Barton Greenem

Frank Barton Greenem received a Civic Honour for his services to aquatic sport for 62 years. He has also had involvement with the College Old Boys Rugby Club – 27 years, Manawatū Rugby Football Supporters Club - 27 years, Manawatū Silver Ferns Club, Palmerston North RSA and Kings Empire Veterans, Northern Bowling Club, Executive Member of 3rd New Zealand Division - 2nd NZEF, Palmerston North Probus Mens Club since 1993.

Apart from his achievements at National level he has involved himself at Club and Centre levels, holding almost all positions from Club President, Delegate, Centre Handicapper and Registrar, Blazer Award Committee, NZ University Blues Selection Committee, Delegate to NZAWA – AGM Frank has given sustained leadership to aquatic sports in the region and New Zealand wide, especially in diving training, administration and competition management.

He has maintained positions at the national level from 1972 to 1980, in roles such as NZ Championships Diving Secretary, NZ Championships Diving Judge, and Manager of NZ team to Australian Championships. For 30 years he was Chairman of the Manawatū Diving Authority. His commitment to swimming over the last 62 years has been far beyond the normal call of duty.

Elizabeth Goodman

Elizabeth Goodman received a Civic Honour for her services to the Park Road Play Centre for her involvement and commitment to the organisation over the past 25 years. Elizabeth has not only been Senior Supervisor at Park Road Play Centre, but she has also supported other play centres both at grass roots level, and at the central districts and the national levels.

She has also worked in Early Childhood Education and has been an advocate for the deaf community. Elizabeth was fundamental to the establishment of the Park Road Play Centre and is now a Life Member of both the Park Road and Terrace End Play Centres. On a personal level, she has worked with individual members of the community, providing support in the caring and education of special needs children.

Over the past three and a half years she has assisted and supported the Manawatū Association for Deaf Children to establish the new purpose-built Deaf Bilingual Unit (English and NZ Sign Language), which was opened in June 1998.

Elizabeth's commitment to her community, and in particular the families of the region, has been appreciated throughout the Palmerston North, Central North Island and the rest of New Zealand through her various roles on the National Play Centre Federation.

Margaret Gibbons

Margaret Gibbons received a Civic Honour for her services to the Manawatū Branch of the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Margaret first became involved in the Manawatū Branch of the RNZSPCA 25 years ago and has spearheaded the movement of the SPCA in the Manawatū, and its relocation to the corner of Keith Street and Napier Road.

The first Opportunity Shop in Palmerston North was organised by Margaret which has enabled the employment of 3 full-time and 4 part time staff at the centre. While managing the financial progress and the legal intricacies of the Centre, she has also been the media spokesperson and taken a vigilant stance for the treatment of animals, and also on a personal basis, supported people in their grief of losing loved pets.

She has served on animal ethics committees both at Massey University and the DSIR, and edited a newsletter for the SPCA for years. Margaret served on the National Council of the RSPCA for three years and was also the main instigator in the setting up of the Palmerston North City Council's Neuter/Spey Scheme for dogs.

Francis John Spelman

Francis John Spelman received a Civic Honour for his services to a variety of community groups, particularly the Palmerston North Operatic Society Inc over the past 21 years.

His other involvements include St Mary's School and parish projects from 1975, Manawatū Gang Show - 10 years, Palmerston North Operatic Society 1991-94, Manawatū Theatre Society since 1994, Palmerston North Hospital Radio -1984-92, Credit Union Manawatū from 1989, and Manawatū Girl Guides Association from 1985.

St Peters College is also appreciative of his role as a member of the Board of Governors from 1978-82. John has been a committed person, maintaining long, loyal and active roles in all his community involvements.


Anthony William Finnigan

Civic Awards - 1997 - Anthony Finnigan

Mr Anthony William Finnigan received a Civic Honour for community service particularly through his involvement since 1962 with the Manawatū Centre of the Cancer Society and its administration, Finance and Fundraising Committees and the Executive, as well as with the Cancer Society at regional and national levels.

He has been a long time active member of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, and a foundation executive member of the Ozanam House Trust. He is a life member of the Manawatū Centre of the Cancer Society of New Zealand.

Also, a foundation and executive member of the Lions Club of Manawatū, Manawatū Budgeting Service and the Natural Family Planning Association, for the last of which he remains a patron of the Association in the Manawatū. Mr Finnigan has also been actively involved in the refurbishment of the Cathedral and the St Mary's Parish Church, and is a Justice of the Peace.

Roger Michael Greenwood

Civic Awards - 1997 - Michael Greenwood

Mr Roger Michael Greenwood received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly to education and science. As afoundation and executive member of the Manawatū Branch of Forest and Bird Protection Society since 1958, Mr Greenwood has played a key role in the control of noxious weeds in the significant reserves of the district.

He has also been instrumental in establishing the Junior Naturalists Club and in encouraging and promoting education on the native flora and fauna, in advising schools on the establishment of native landscape areas and on "adoption" programmes of native bush areas.

The nature trails in the Esplanade and Totara Reserves, and an area of native forest which he has established on his own property as an adjunct to the Keeble's Bush, provide an educational resource for the appreciation of indigenous flora and fauna.

As a founding chairman of the Keebles Forest Trust Board, his personal dedication to the protection and management of the Keebles Bush over the last 20 years is an example of particularly outstanding work in native plant conservation.

Colin Allan Kennedy

Civic Awards - 1997 - Colin Kennedy

Mr Colin Allan Kennedy received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly for his involvement in the sport of swimming. For the past 39 years he has been involved in swimming at all levels - administration, at pool side teaching and coaching and in a technical capacity all on a voluntary basis.

He has held most administrative positions within the Manawatū Swimming Centre, and has represented Manawatū nationally. He has taught thousands of children and adults to swim, helped and corrected improving swimmers and trained competitive swimmers.

A life member of West End Swimming Club and of Manawatū Swimming Centre, Mr Kennedy continues his involvement in the technical side of the sport, and continues to attend and contribute to administration meetings.

Freda Evelyn Larsen

Civic Awards - 1997 - Freda Larsen

Mrs Freda Evelyn Larsen received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly for her active involvement in a wide range of community groups. A foundation member of the Manawatū Age Concern and Samaritans and a long standing member of the Palmerston North Citizens Advice Bureau.

Mrs Larsen has, over the years since the 1940's, also worked on kindergarten and schools committees and has been an active volunteer and executive member of organisations which also included Overseas Ladies club, Women's Refuge, Friends of the Library, National Council of Women Manawatū Branch, Peoples Coalition and Labour Party.

She has been actively involved with the Community Services Council and has also been a member of this City Council's Low Income Sub-Committee.

Gwenda Elaine Turfrey

Civic Awards - 1997 - Gwenda Turfrey

Mrs Gwenda Elaine Turfrey received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly for her active involvement in her continued service as voluntary worker over a period of 30 years.

In many organisations, she has also held positions of office. Mrs Tuifrey has been a member of a great variety of voluntary organisations, including the Red Cross (Meals on Wheels), Hospital Library, Save the Children Fund, New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, All Saints Church, Inner Wheel Rotary Club, St Michaels Marae, Palmerston North Retirement Village and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Her involvement with the care for the elderly, the Church and other community groups continues at the present time, while a resident of a retirement village.


Keith Arnold Bennett

Civic Awards - 1996 - Keith Bennet

Keith Arnold Bennett received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly to education through his involvement on school committees, board of governors, parent teacher associations, the Queen Elizabeth College Education Trust, Queen Elizabeth College Old Pupils Association, Secondary Schools Boards Association and the Palmerston North Teachers College Council.

He has also made a notable contribution in the areas of sport and recreation through his involvement in Young Farmer Clubs, the Manawatū and West Coast Agricultural and Pastoral Show, Pony Clubs, Central Districts Equestrian Federation, Manawatū-Oroua Boys and Girls Agricultural Club, and Rotary.

Joan Myrtle Carmichael

Civic Awards - 1996 - Joan Carmichael

Mrs Joan Myrtle Carmichael received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly for her involvement with the Salvation Army in working with people in the area of alcoholic and drug dependency, and with those suffering from co-dependency. She also works with those with both physical and mental disabilities. Mrs Carmichael was a team leader with the Victim Support Group, and gives volunteer support as a Civil Defence leader.

William Harry Alexander Clarke

Civic Awards - 1996 - William Clarke

William Harry Alexander Clarke received a Civic Honour for services to the Manawatū Community through his involvement with the Manawatū Tree Trust, its most notable project being the 'Shade Trees in Schools' project initiated by the Trust in 1990.

Through his concern for the overall direction and prosperity of all sport in Palmerston North and the greater Manawatū area grew his vision of establishing the Manawatū Sports Foundation, of which he was a foundation trustee and some years later Chairperson of the Trust Board.

Shirley Heaphy

Civic Awards - 1996 - Shirley Heaphy

Mrs Shirley Heaphy received a Civic Honour for community service. Mrs Heaphy was a founder of the Awapuni Community Centre, was the Co-Founder of the Awapuni Recreation Centre and was involved in the establishment of the Awapuni Library.

As a member of St Marks Presbyterian Church, she has been actively involved in community awareness networks, especially neighbourhood support since its inception more than ten years ago. She was also a member of the Palmerston North Victim Support Steering Committee and the Manawatū Road Safety Organisation, since 1986.

Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann

Civic Awards - 1996 - Fuimaono Pulotu Endemann

Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann received a Civic Honour for community service for his contribution to a wide range of community organisations. He was a founding Council member of the Manawatū Tangata Pasifika Council, a member of the Palmerston North City Council Caccia Birch Trust Board, Palmerston North Housing Corporation Allocation Committee, Palmerston North Samoan Advisory Committee, Pacific Island Aids Trust, Palmerston North Aids Collective, and a patron of the Massey University Samoan Students' Association.

Ethel Rita Robinson

Civic Awards - 1996 - Sylvia Rumball

Mrs Ethel Rita Robinson received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly through her involvement in Birthright, as a volunteer field worker and, since 1974, a member of the Executive Committee of the branch.

She has also given volunteer support to organisations such as the Samaritans (for over ten years), is a life member of the Manawatū Branch of the National Council of Women, is a founder member of the Widowed Friendship Club, an executive committee member of Manawatū Age Concern Council, a member of the Community Services Council, and a life member of both the Manawatū Multiple Sclerosis Society and the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sylvia Vine Sheat Rumball

Dr Sylvia Vine Sheat Rumball received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly for her involvement in education and in the establishment of the Science Centre and Manawatū Museum, from the original proposal, to her current role as a member of the Trust Board. She has also been involved in organisations such as the Federation of University Women, La Leche League and the Institute of Chemistry.


Agnes Ruth Colling

Mrs Agnes Ruth Colling received a Civic Honour for community service, particularly in regard to her membership with the Manawatu Branch of the National Council of Women for 30 years. Her involvement with the Association of Anglican Women, the St Crispan Group for 20 years including services as Treasurer for the Wellington Diocese for 10 years is also significant.

She has also worked with St Peters Church community, Multiple Sclerosis Society and services to Meals on Wheels. During her involvement with the Association of Anglican Women she was noted for her strong sense of commitment and high ideals. She is always ready to help in a practical way and comfort others in times of bereavement and illness.

Agnes took on roles as President, Secretary, and Treasurer and committee member in her local group and for 10 years Wellington Diocesan Treasurer. It was said that she is a great ambassador for the aims of the Association which are:
"To unite in prayer and participate in the Mission of the Church" and "To promote, safeguard and nurture Christian Family Life".

As a member of the National Council of Women, Agnes has had 30 years active membership and was awarded Life Membership in 1991. Through her wide involvement Agnes has become an expert on social concerns and a forthright and clear presenter of the issues.

She is of considerable assistance to the National Council of Women New Zealand for her strategic thinking on management structure. Agnes is caring woman whose community work has been an extension of her strong faith, and has been carried out while bringing up her family on her own.

John Stanley Devonport

Mr John Stanley Devonport received a Civic Honour for services to the Order of St John which continued for 27 years and his assistance and volunteer work as medical assistant to the Outpatients Department of Palmerston North Public Hospital and membership to IHC Committees, the Hokowhitu Bowling Club, Wesley Church and the Methodist Social Services.

Alison Grant

Mrs Alison Grant received a Civic Honour for community service to a wide range of community organisations, in particular her service to the Palmerston North Harrier Club for the last 20 years and her ongoing involvement in promoting running for women, children and veterans as a healthy lifestyle.

She also has been involved in organisations such as Le Leche League, Samaritan counselling, Parent Centre, Home Birth Association, Special Olympics Committee, Ross Intermediate School, Palmerston North Montessori Association, Korero International Toastmistress, Thistle Caledonian Society, Manawatu Women's Writers Association among other involvements.

Ropata Karamana Tamehana

Mr Ropata Karamana Tamehana received a Civic Honour for services to the Manawatucommunity over the last 15 years, particularly with regard to Māori in the promotion of Māori culture and protocol for organisations in Manawatu. He has also given outstanding support to Māori people in health, education, employment and social services.

The Selection Panel in acknowledging that Mr Tamehana was not living in the City boundaries but that having considered the scope of his commitment and activities in Palmerston North City recommended that he be considered eligible for nomination.

Mrs Marion Valentine received a Civic Honour for community service, in particular for her outstanding involvement in the Plunket, Girl Guide Movement, Manawatu Spinners and Weavers Guild and related craft organisations. She has given volunteer support to Hokowhitu Primary, Normal and Intermediate schools and Awatapu College.


Patricia Mary Anne Eyles

Mrs Patricia Mary Anne Eyles, advocate for children's health/safety and well being of all citizens. She has worked hard to secure a better standard for children especially in lobbying for secure pool fencing, satisfactory child car seats restraining and education of mothers/caregivers, teenagers and children.

She was an active member of the Plunket Society starting in 1976, and was made a honorary life member of the Palmerston North branch in 1992. As a member of the Plunket Society, and till 1985 she had held positions as secretary, vice president, and president.

In 1985 she was elected New Zealand Councillor and in 1986 Executive Councillor. She has been involved in many aspects of child health including the first car seat restraint campaign, rewriting a home help and child care course, Management Committee of the Plunket and Karitane Family Centre in Palmerston North, started the first Plunket Tots and Toddlers course, was a member of the Palmerston North Pool Safety Committee, and many other activities.

Mina McKenzie

Mina McKenzie was instrumental in establishing a Museum in the City, and has been active in many community groups including the Rangitāne Māori Committee, Historic Places Trust, and served on the Manawatu- Wanganui Area Health Board.

She was the Chairperson of the Cultural Conservation Advisory Council to Minister of Internal Affairs 1987-1993, a member of "Te Māori" Exhibition Management Committee 1985-88 and many other positions.

Ormond Poppleton

Ormond Poppleton was awarded for Community Service, in particular for his outstanding service to the Palmerston North Returned Services Association, and anyone who needs help with forms, taxes, hospital visiting or grocery shopping, also serving on numerous committees, and his unselfish service visiting hospitals, private homes and his untiring assistance to those in need of help.

Maureen Raisin

Miss Maureen Raisin was awarded the Civic Honour for Community Service to a wide range of community organisations, in particular for her service to the City through the Hearing Association, the Red Cross Society, Amputee Society of Manawatu, Business Girls Association, YWCA, Manawatu Competitions Society, Manawatu Cancer Society and the Palmerston North Hospital Radio.

Maureen was involved in YWCA - Younger Business Girls 1940-46, Palmerston North Business Girls Club, as a committee member for 20 years. YWCA Board member as Vice President and Chairman of the Hostel (1967-1980).

In the Manawatu Dutch Community, Maureen helped organise their St Nicholas procession. Maureen was also involved in the Palmerston North Little Theatre Society as a member, committee member and producer for junior members' productions. In the New Zealand Players Theatre Trust, Maureen was local secretary from inception till its demise.

Maureen was a member of the Catholic Women's League and its committees. In the Manawatu Competitions Society, Maureen was competitor and a convenor for the speech, vocal and instrumental sections. She was an executive member for 25 years. For the Palmerston North City Centennial Aria Contest, Maureen was assistant organiser in 1971 and convenor for contest in 1973-75 and 77. Maureen was teacher, member and committee member for many years of the Palmerston North Teachers of Speech and Drama.

In the Hard of Hearing Society, Maureen was helper and tutor for many years. In Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Council, Maureen was member of the council for many years and chairman for one year.

Maureen was Announcer and Vice President for over 10 years for the Palmerston North Hospital Radio Volunteers. In the Manawatu Amputee Society Inc, Maureen was Manawatu President and New Zealand Federation Vice President. As a member and an amputee for over 46 years, she was instrumental in forming the Society in Palmerston North.

The Cancer Society enjoyed Maureen as a volunteer driver for patients to the Cobalt Department for about 10 years. Maureen was a corporate member of Manawatu Disabled Person's Association.

Lorna Catherine Willis

Lorna Catherine Willis received an award for Community Service, in particular for her service to the Girl Guides Association for over 20 years. She was District Commissioner for five years, Division Commissioner for five years and held the post of Provincial Commissioner of the Manawatu Province for 5 years.

She became a Provincial Council Elected Member in 1990 and was a Commissioner trainer from 1977-1983 as member on the Camp Committee since 1985, she was the Camp Equipment Convenor from 1987-1991. Lorna has been an active driver and organiser of helpers with the Meals on Wheels service.

In the Manawatu Golf Club for the past 25 years she was a valued member and for five years as secretary of the ladies section of the club. Lorna has been a member of Hokowhitu Amateur Swimming Club since 1974 and has served on the Club's Management Committee and held the secretary and treasurer positions. She is a national qualified time keeper and has been awarded the Honours Blazer Pocket for 15 years continuous effort.


Thomas Boyens

Mr Thomas Boyens received a Civic Honour for community service; in particular for his service to the Order of St John, the Manawatū Branch of the Epilepsy Association and various other community based groups.

Mr Boyens has served the local Order of St Johns for twenty four years and in 1990 was granted life membership of the Palmerston North Area of the Order. Mr Boyens has been an active member of the Manawatū Branch of the NZ Epilepsy Association since 1970, undertaking the duties of President and Treasurer for much of this time.

He was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Manawatū Branch in May of last year. He has been a regular blood donor since 1961. Mr Boyens is a very efficient fund raiser and has used his skills to assist many organisations. Mr Boyens has been an active member of the Palmerston North Golf Club, the Manawatū Cricket Association and the Freyberg Old Boys Rugby Club serving in a number of capacities including that of coach, masseur, honorary secretary, vice captain and handicap officer.

John King

Mr John King received a Civic Honour for community service, in particular for his service to the Ashhurst community, his commitment as a Councillor on the Oroua County Council and his involvement in a number of major community projects in Ashhurst. When Mr King believes in something, he gives it his solid support.

He has represented the community of Ashhurst on many bodies and in many capacities since he was elected to Ashhurst County Town Committee in 1958. Some of the activities in which has taken a leading role are the Village Valley Centre, the sewerage system, the upgrading of the Ashhurst Domain and Lincoln Park.

Mr King has been a Trustee of the Methodist Church in Ashhurst for 28 years and used his skill as a builder to build the Bunnythorpe Methodist church and the new Methodist Parsonage in Ashhurst.

Rebecca Oaten

Mrs Rebecca Oaten received a Civic Honour for community service, in particular for her outstanding work as the "Helmet Lady" promoting the wearing of cycle helmets both locally and nationally. Mrs Oaten, nationally known as "The Helmet Lady" has been campaigning to have all cyclists wear helmets since her son Aaron was involved in an accident in 1986.

Palmerston North, being her home town, was the starting place for the campaign and in 1990 led the country in helmet wearing numbers in schools and colleges. Mrs Oaten is a woman of great strength and determination and as a direct result of her campaigning, cycle helmet wearing will soon become compulsory for all cyclists.

Mrs Oaten was awarded the 1990 Commemoration Medal for her services to New Zealand, Rotary have made her a "Paul Harris Fellow" - an award rarely given outside Rotary circles, and in 1989 she received the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Award. Her work has also been recognised by the Wellington City Council who honoured her with the Knight of the Road Award.

Elizabeth Sivyer

Mrs Elizabeth Sivyer received a Civic Honour for community service to a wide range of community organisations, in particular for her service to the city through the National Council of Women, Zonta International, working with refugee families, the New Zealand Federation of University Women, St Andrews Presbyterian Church, and Save the Children Fund.

Mrs Sivyer was born to Russian refugee parents in Bulgaria and came to New Zealand in 1946. Since that time she has become very involved in the Palmerston North community. Soon after her arrival she went to Queen Elizabeth night school to learn how to cook "NZ style" and soon became a regular teacher at the night school, teaching English to new immigrants.

Mrs Sivyer taught French and Russian for Massey and the Fitzherbert West Science staff. Her particular skill and interest in promoting womens affairs and her interest in other cultures, especially minority groups, has meant she has given dedicated service to voluntary organisations the city including St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Zonta International, National Council of Women and the Federation of University Women.

Garth Wallace

Dr Garth Wallace received a Civic Honour for community service, in particular for his service to the Arohanui Hospice Trust and his dedication to the building of the Arohanui Hospice, his work with the Brightwater Home Trust and involvement with the Rotary Club of Milson.

Dr Wallace has played a strong role in church and community service throughout his working life and in retirement. He has been a member of the Milson Rotary Club since 1973, serving as president and receiving in 1981, a Paul Harris Fellowship for an outstanding contribution. Dr Wallace was a member of the Brightwater Home Trust that established the Brightwater Villas.

In 1983 Dr Wallace began working towards the establishment of a hospice in the City and in 1984 became Chairman of the Palmerston North Hospice Service Trust. He worked tirelessly at both the political and practical level towards this end and in May 1991 the Arohanui Hospice opened debt free with eight of the twelve beds commissioned.


Heather Allan

Civic Awards - 1991 - Heather Allan

Mrs Heather Allan received a Civic Honour for Community Service, in particular for her service to the New Zealand Society for the Intellectually Handicapped and various other community based groups.

Mrs Allan was elected to the Manawatu Branch IHC Committee in 1978, became a vice president in 1983 and president in 1986 - she still holds this position. She is a Council member of the New Zealand Society for IHC.

Mrs Allan's other community involvement includes a committee member of Parentline, a member of the Board and vice-president of National Council of Women, a board member of Catholic Social Services and Chairman of ACROSS - a new organisation resulting from the amalgamation of Catholic Social Services and the All Saints Childrens Home Trust.

Mrs Allan was elected to the Manawatu- Wanganui Area Health Board in 1989 and is presently Chairperson of the Community Committee.

Allan Beattie

Civic Awards - 1991 - Allan Beattie

Mr Allan Beattie received a Civic Award for community service, in particular for his service to the city and region and his outstanding involvement with a number of major city amenities and with the foundation of numerous community groups over several decades.

Mr Beattie was involved for fifty years with Barraud and Abraham moving from office boy in 1929 to Chairman of Directors from 1974 to 1983. It was through Mr Beattie working for Barraud and Abraham that he came into contact with many facets of community life in Palmerston North. He was a foundation Director of the Manawatu Development Company launched in 1965 for the promotion of the City.

He was a member of the PN Chamber of Commerce for 30 years including being President in 1949/50. Perhaps his greatest personal contribution to civic affairs over that time lay in his involvement with negotiations for and deputations to Ministers of the Crown, Departmental Heads and Local Bodies on such matters as Milson Railway deviation, Cargo Centre, Airport Committee, Palmerston North as a first inland Custom Port of Entry.

Mr Beattie was a member of Rotary for 42 years and was deeply involved in the establishment of the Milverton Free Kindergarten.

Taitoko Fitzgerald

Civic Awards - 1991 - Taitoko Fitzgerald

Mr Taitoko Fitzgerald received a civic award for community service, in particular for his outstanding contribution to the Palmerston North City Council by his leadership of the Rangitāne Māori Committee.

Mr Fitzgerald is involved with local, regional and central government as consultant on Māori matters as they apply to this region where Rangitāne are tangata whenua. He consults with kaumatua of neighbouring iwi on matters of mutual concern, particularly when it involves delivering services from Palmerston North to other tribal areas.

The organisations on which Mr Fitzgerald works on behalf of Rangitāne include Palmerston North City Council, Manawatu- Wanganui Regional Council, Department of Social Welfare, Justice Department, Police Department, Manawatu Polytechnic and the Manawatu- Wanganui Area Health Board.

Frank Moult

Civic Awards - 1991 - Frank Moult

Senior Constable Frank Moult received a civic award for community service, in particular for his service to the youth of the city, through his supportfor soccer, the Blue Light Disco and social work for the Police Youth Aid Section, well beyond the call of duty.

In May 1985 he commenced duties as full time Youth Aid Officer, a position which he still occupies. Constable Moult was a foundation member of the Blue Light ventures which commenced six years ago.

Palmerston North Blue Light Discos are recognised nationally as one of the most successful. In 1987, 3,000 young people attended the largest ever disco in Australasia held here in Palmerston North.

Lorna Sexton

Civic Awards - 1991 - Lorna Sexton

Mrs Lorna Sexton received a civic award for community service to a wide range of community organisations, in particular for her service to the city and region through the CAB, YWCA, National Council of Women, the Kindergarten Association, Mobility, Grey Power, Court Aid and Probus.

Mrs Sexton's contribution to this community has been in the extraordinary number and in-depth involvement with so many organisations, in addition to those I have mentioned in which she has served in a senior executive capacity.

Much of the work has been innovative such as the setting up of the Atawhai Pre-school Centre. Her community involvement has largely followed from her early involvement with the Kindergarten movement.


Daphne Hyde

Civic Awards - 1990 - Daphne Hyde

Mrs Daphne Hyde received a Civic Award for her services to the elderly of Palmerston North. As a social worker in All Saints Parish, Daphne Hyde adopted a special caring role for the elderly, which soon extended well beyond the parish and she rapidly became a general community worker.

She used both her nursing skills, when visiting the elderly and her counselling and general helping skills for those in need of spiritual comfort or practical advice. Those who have worked with her describe Daphne Hyde's concern for those in her care and the community at large, often giving extra time and loving care "Beyond the Call of Duty" and often subordinating her own comfort and convenience to the needs of others. An outstanding contribution to community welfare.

Maurice Sexton

Civic Awards - 1990 - Maurice Sexton

Maurice Sexton has been selected for this award for the outstanding service he has given within the community of Palmerston North. Maurice Sexton commenced his community involvement with Jaycees eventually becoming World President of Jaycee International and he still has an active role in International Jaycee counsels.

He served as a City Councillor for nine years, was a member of the A and P Association, the Showgrounds Trust, the Manawatū Rugby Union, the Hotel Association and many other committees within the Palmerston North community. (Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, aged service council, Manawatū Society on Alcohol and drug use and others.)

Maurice Sexton was actively involved in the promotion work which succeeded in having Brightwater Home established and has been secretary of that Society since its inception. Maurice Sexton has represented the city as a Hospital Board and Area Health Board member for twelve years and was recently elected Chairman of the present Manawatū- Wanganui Area Health Board. Maurice Sexton has made an amazing contribution to community organisations.

Pat Snoxell

Civic Awards - 1990 - Pat Snoxell

Pat Snoxell received the Civic Award for his service to Scouting, Guiding and the Theatre in Palmerston North. Pat Snoxell was the prime mover in establishing gang shows in Manawatū in 1961 and has written many of the items and has directed every gang show since that time.

Pat Snoxell was President of the Appeal Committee which raised funds for building the Globe Theatre and has been a member of the Board of Trustees since its inception. He has directed a series of pantomimes for the Manawatū Theatre Society.

Pat Snoxell has directed many productions for the Palmerston North Operatic Society and has been associated with many other staged productions as artistic director or advisor. While President of the Operatic Society he formed the Abbey Theatre Arts School. An astonishing contribution to Scouting, Guiding and the musical theatre in Palmerston North.