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Civic Awards 2000 to 2009

Read about recipients of our city's highest honour.


Tony Aull

Tony Aull receives a Civic Award for his community leadership, his special ability to connect people and for being an ambassador for Palmerston North.

Tony Aull

Tony has an impressive record of community fundraising. His charity work has supported people from his native Fiji, Samoa and other Pacific islands which they have faced cyclones, floods and hurricanes.

At home in the Manawatū his fundraising has provided funds for Fono a Samoa, Pacifica Manawatū, Tagata Pasifika Council, the Pasifika holiday programme, as well as various Palmerston North Catholic school and church projects.

Tony is well respected in the Polynesian community of both the Manawatū and Rangitikei districts. The Selection Panel were impressed by the level of support Tony's nomination received from right across the various Pasifika communities.

He is a devoted family man whose whole family actively support Palmerston North's Festival of Cultures.

The Aull household is a very hospitable one that over the years has hosted numerous functions and fundraisers. The cross-section of people who gather at Tony's home is very wide and inclusive of Pakeha, Polynesian, young and old. In a very real sense Tony Aull helps to create the social cohesion and fun that makes this a young at heart city.

Tony is a respected and successful businessman. Over the years he has used his business connections to help many into employment. In his own workplace he has a reputation for being able to hire and train the previously unemployable.

Business people he meets overseas are often guests in his Palmerston North home and he champions Palmerston North and New Zealand as places to do business.

Olga Barrett

Olga Barrett is recognised with a Civic Award for her contribution to music in our city and for her support of youthful talent in the Manawatū.

Olga Barrett

Olga is keen and passionate about anything to do with music and young people, and supports music in all its genres and environments.

Her life of music has included performing both as a singer and a pianist, working as a private music teacher, leading a local high school music department and being a music therapist.

Olga's voluntary work in the city includes:

  • Founding and organising the biennial youth talent quest, Reach For the Stars
  • Being a foundation member of the Renaissance Singers where she has been a committee member and vocal trainer
  • The development of a Young Performers Scholarship
  • Musica Viva committee work, adjudication and accompanist services
  • Creating an annual Secondary Schools Orchestral Day and Choral Day
  • Establishing an enviable collection of musical instruments at Queen Elizabeth College for student use during her time as head of its music department.

Olga's work has also been honoured by others. She is a Fellow of Trinity College London, a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand and achieved a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2008.

For both the Anglican Parish of St Peter Palmerston North and the Manawatū County Club she has provided numerous opportunities for people to enjoy music.

Since 1996 she has served in many roles for the Rotary Club of Palmerston North and has been one of a handful of women presidents of that club.

Olga's community contribution has been made against a backdrop of personal challenges, but these have not prevented her use of her musical knowledge and talent to help people of all ages.

Olga Barrett has made her mark on the community of Palmerston North doing what she loves - making music. She gives of herself and her talents freely and generously. The value of her own musical education has been shared with many as part of her efforts to provide musical training of the highest order, present performances and mentor emerging talent.

Joan Chettleburgh

Joan Chettleburgh receives a Civic Award for her work in public health, the voluntary sector and the wider community.

Joan Chettleburgh

Joan is a former health professional who has both national and international experience in the quality of care for the elderly and those with disabilities. Professionally she was responsible for managing the change process of deinstitutionalisation of Lake Alice.

Her commitment to the people affected by that process has followed through to her governance work for MASH.

Joan was a founding member of MASH - a large organisation that provides supportive accommodation and care for 380 people with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. It operates throughout the lower North Island, in Palmerston North and Hawke's Bay. She was largely responsible for developing standards and quality measures for MASH that were recognised by an Australasian award. She has been involved with MASH since 1990 and has served as a professional advisor, a board member, chairperson, and as a leader of quality governance.

Joan has served as:

  • A member of the Manawatū Polytechnic Council
  • President and Past President of Palmerston North Inner Wheel
  • President of Manawatū Country Club
  • One of the establishment group of Manawatū Community Housing Trust
  • A mentor for the Kapiti Welcome Trust whose Chairman describes her as "a very gracious and caring person, who has a passion for giving the best possible care to people with disabilities"
  • A Board member since the inception of Whaiora Trust, advocating for continuous quality improvement in the Trust's service delivery of Māori mental health service within the Manawatū and Horowhenua
  • A Board member of the Manawatū Stewart Centre
  • Chair of the Manawatū Community Justice Trust
  • Team Leader of Health Professional Surveyors for Quality Health New Zealand

Joan is known as a bubbly, lively person who shows persistence and energy in pursuit of her goals. Her judgement is astute and her quiet and positive support of others highly valued. Her contribution to community life has been made in tandem with raising a family of three daughters and being supportive of her husband's significant role in civic life.

Roger Clausen

Roger Clausen has been described in the media as a man of adventure and charisma. He's a Harley Davidson rider who received the Queen's Service Medal (QSM) for his community work in 2004 and was the Manawatū Standard's 2008 Person of the Year. This year he is recognised with a Civic Award for the work he has done for the people of Palmerston North.

Roger Clausen

Mr Clausen is acknowledged for his outstanding work as chairman of the Arohanui Hospice Service Trust, his services to Rotary, the Lutheran Homes Trust Board and the New Zealand Rugby Museum.

The Hospice Trust annually cares for 500 plus patients and their families and he has worked as a Trust Board member for sixteen years and been its chair since 2003. Roger uses sponsored motorbike adventures to raise money and public awareness for those who are terminally ill. There is a wonderful symbolism about his living his own life to the full while making a continuing commitment to the Arohanui Hospice.

Roger has clocked tens of thousands of kilometres riding his motorbike all over the world including a number of trips with philanthropists Gareth and Jo Morgan.

Possibly less well known is his work for the Lutheran Homes Trust Board. He has been a Trustee for 30 years and was a member of the original committee of St Lukes Church that looked at options for a civic project. This materialised as a village of 33 rental units in Matipo Street and Tremaine Avenue. It provides low cost housing for 35 older people.

Roger is an active Lutheran Church leader - a member of their Pastoral Leadership Team and a lay preacher.

He has been a Rotarian for 20 years and has been a local Past President and a District Governor's area representative. He was awarded Rotary International's highest award for outstanding service to Rotary and the community - a Paul Harris Fellow - in 1999. Not only has Roger made a big contribution to Palmerston North Rotary, he has been recognised for his international humanitarian efforts.

Roger played representative rugby for Manawatū and is a valued member of the management committee of the New Zealand Rugby Museum. He has served on the committee since 1993 and his governance experience and wise counsel is greatly valued. He is currently a member of the team tasked with fund raising for the co-location of the rugby museum to Te Manawa.

Alongside his charitable work Roger maintains a significant farming partnership with his brother in nearby Manawatū and is a successful beef, cropping and dairy farmer.

Edna Downey

Edna Downey receives a Civic Award - the second award given to her by the city for her community contribution to Palmerston North.

Edna Downey

Edna received Council's "Community Award" in 1988 in acknowledgement of her services to the Palmerston North Community Services Council, Samaritans, Community Manawatū Journal Trust, the Palmerston North Community Health Group, Age Concern, and WEA. In the 21 years since she has grown into new roles, while bowing out of others.

Edna is supposedly 'retired'. She's a former clinical nursing tutor who has in the last 40 years made an enormous contribution to the wellbeing of local people. More recently she has done this while providing support to immediate family members who cope with serious health challenges.

She did much to raise the profile of Age Concern over many years and was both President and Vice President of that organisation for several terms. She currently serves on the local committee of the Stroke Foundation and is Vice-President of the central region of the Stroke Foundation.

Edna is someone who sticks at what she starts. For nearly 40 years she volunteered for three hours a week at Samaritans and did an overnight once a month.

Edna is currently secretary of Pit Park People - a group focused on developing a special passive recreational park in the city. She also helps oversee and co-ordinate growing plants for that project.

And of course there's croquet - a game she both plays and supported as club secretary of Takaro for 10 years.

Her other roles include being:

  • a founder of the local University of the Third Age
  • on the community advisory group of the Manawatū Primary Health organisation
  • involved in setting up an Abbeyfield House in Palmerston North

Edna is a Queen's Service Medal recipient. Her nomination was considered by Council to be one of those rare occasions when a Civic Honour Award should be granted to the holder of a national honour.

Edna is described by those who know her as someone with enormous patience, enthusiasm, energy and a lovely sense of fun and of the ridiculous. She certainly seems to be a role model for what's possible when an older person chooses to make a contribution to the community in which they live.

Graham Prichard

Graham Prichard receives a Civic Award for his contribution to not for profit social service provision in Palmerston North.

Graham Pritichard

Graham's work for Methodist Social Services for at least 30 years has helped it to provide a raft of vital community services including goodwill stores, a food bank, education programmes for families, social work support and counselling.

His roles have included committee member, treasurer and chairman. He has played an important role in helping the organisation to adapt and respond to the changing needs of society over three decades. Importantly this has included being a strong supporter for the delivery of a bicultural service. Graham was also a keen supporter of a national MSS research project on poverty indicators.

During 2006 it became apparent MSS would need to form its own trust - separate from the broad based church trust under which it had previously operated. Graham spent a great many hours developing a new trust deed and protocols before clearing this complex paperwork through national church lawyers and the charitable trusts authority.

Thus he has been able to leave the organisational constitution in good heart. Graham played a strong leadership role in recent years through a time of significant financial stress for the local organisation.

Viewed historically no other person in Methodist Social Services has a record of service of such magnitude. His volunteer work has been achieved whilst at the same time he maintained a distinguished career in science at Massey University. Botany has always been Graham's first love, but his 25 year long professional career at Massey has been as a lecturer in biochemistry.

For the past 12 years Graham's knowledge of flora has been enthusiastically shared with members of the Manawatu Tramping and Skiing Club's Thursday Trampers where he is a key organiser and leader of trips.

This quiet man gives his time, energy and considerable talents unstintingly. He is known by his peers as a person of great integrity and commitment to the highest standards of professional care and safety, essential to the work of social services.


Ian Cruden

Civic Awards - 2008 - Ian CrudenIan Cruden has devoted himself to a large number of voluntary groups over many years. These include Palmerston North Neighbourhood Support, Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Society, the Palmerston North Safe City group, Palmerston North Rotary and the Manawatū Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Ian has a passionate interest in rugby and has received awards from both the College Old Boys Rugby Club and the Manawatū Rugby Union.

He has been strongly identified with Highbury and currently chairs the Highbury Focus Group, the Highbury Youth Transition Club and the Highbury Whānau group where he gives unconditional time and expertise to providing leadership and guidance. Ian is also a former Palmerston North City Councillor.

Roni Fitzmaurice

Roni Fitzmaurice has given nearly 30 years of voluntary service to the Palmerston North community. Roni has been an active member of Project Waitangi, the Workers Education Association of which she was president for over 10 years and a member of the UCOL Community Education Advisory Committee.

She has worked with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and is currently President of Birthright Central. Roni is a founding member of the New Zealand Migrant Society being a child migrant herself and her community service also includes the National Council of Women, the Labour Party Electorate Committee and the Te Manawa Art Gallery Society. She is a former City Councillor and Horizons Regional Councillor.

Merv Hancock

Civic Awards - 2008 - Merv HancockMerv Hancock is recognized in Palmerston North as a person of vision, conviction and courage, qualities that have seen him serve the community and further the interests of the city for many years.

Merv played a significant role in bringing IPC to Palmerston North, he established the first major university based social work degree in New Zealand and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the profession.

He was a steering committee member of Methodist Social Services, a keen history student and an expert in social work, marriage guidance and community affairs. Merv is a former City Councillor and has already received national honours. Now he will receive the city's Civic Honours.

George Hills

Civic Awards - 2008 - George HillsGeorge Hills has spent a great deal of his life dedicated to two major community groups - the Justices of the Peace and the Lions Club of Palmerston North.

His involvement with Lions began more than 40 years ago and he has seen service as District Governor, President, Zone Chairman and chair of the Overseas Aid Committee for the district. As District Governor he was responsible for over 50 clubs.

George has given 30 years to the Central District Justices of the Peace and has been president of their association. A further involvement has been as a valuable and active chairperson of the City Council's Takaro Ward Committee.

Norm Pearce

Norm PearceNorm Pearce's contribution to the city can be seen through his involvement in St Mary's Parish, Meals on Wheels, Ozanam House, The Pregnancy Centre and as a Justice of the Peace. He has worked as a volunteer at Ozanam House for 18 years keeping the gardens tidy and, since the establishment of the Pregnancy Centre, he has offered practical support and encouragement to the team of volunteer helpers.

As a member of St Mary's Catholic Parish, Norm has the rare gift of noticing what needs to be done and then quietly doing something about it. Over many years he has shown hospitality to strangers, visitor and regulars alike.

Warren Smith

Warren SmithWarren Smith has made a mark on the city extending from scouting to Abbeyfield. Warren has been a volunteer driver for IHC, a Board member and a volunteer for CCS and was a foundation member of the Lions Club of Fitzherbert holding such positions as President, Secretary and Zone Chairman.

Warren and his late wife, Joan, provided a foster home for a number of Social Welfare children at risk for several years. Another of Warren's contributions to the community has been as a busy and dedicated volunteer for the Stroke Foundation for more than 20 years.


Elsie Downing

Civic Awards - 2007 - Elise Downing

Elsie Downing is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of sustained community development. Elsie has worked with Girls' Brigade and Care and Share groups. For 12 years Elsie was Captain of the 1st Company Girls' Brigade at Takaro.

She also held the position of District Commissioner and that of Regional Commissioner. She has been praised in these roles for the way that she trained up her leaders so that they were able to take her place when she retired.

After retiring, some 30 years ago Elsie became involved in "Care and Craft" later called "Care and Share", a programme set up for the elderly, lonely and disabled. Elsie took on diverse roles in Care and Share, acting as Convenor for three suburban groups, teaching beadwork to blind people in another, and driving participants, and is described as "very good" at fundraising.

Although Care and Share is no longer active, Elsie still plays a big part in the lives of many of those who attended the meetings - she is active in home visitation and assisting people with hospital appointments. Of particular credit to Elsie is the way that she is described as taking care to recruit new volunteers, and train them to ensure ongoing support of the organisations she is involved in.

Ron Eaton

Civic Awards - 2007 - Ron Eaton

Ron Eaton is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of sustained community development. Ron's expertise is in accounting and he has voluntarily acted as Treasurer for the Red Cross Society and processed accounts payable for Arohanui Hospice for many years.

It is not just in giving his time to keep the books that Ron contributes. He is an innovative and active fundraiser. He was instrumental in establishing the beef fundraising project which has raised over $1 million for Arohanui Hospice, enabling the 2006 upgrade to the Hospice building, and similarly was a key instigator of the Red Cross Book Sale, now an iconic annual fundraiser.

Ron's service extends to the Rotary Club of Palmerston North, the Brightwater Homes Trust, the Radiotherapy and Oncology Trust and the Milverton Charitable Trust. Ron is described as "a friendly, modest and- genuinely nice man, with great generosity of time, and wise counsel".

Dr Robert Lockwood

Civic Awards - 2007 - Robert Lockwood

Dr Robert Lockwood (Bob) is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the fìeld of sustained community development. Bob's background is in the building and construction industry and he has readily made available his own and his organisation's expertise to the benefit of the community.

Much of it through his involvement in the Rotary Club of Palmerston North, where he has been recognised with several prestigious awards. Of particular note are the Ivy May Jensen Memorial Homes project for housing of the elderly, the construction of a student hostel at Alafua in Samoa and Camp Rangi Woods in the Pohangina Valley.

Bob chaired the Palmerston North Technical Institute - later to become the Manawatū Polytehcnic and now Universal College of Learning (UCOL), giving his own time in leading and guiding the institution through its establishment and its many different locations as it struggled for a permanent home.

Annette Nixon

Civic Awards - 2007 - Annette Nixon

Annette Nixon is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of sustained community development.

In 1998 Annette received a Community Award for her services, and since that time her work has continued, making her an ideal recipient of a Civic Honour Award. Annette has a driving vision and skills which she has used tirelessly for the advancement of adult literacy, the establishment of the Adult Reading and Learning Assistance Organisation, and Te Whare Akonga - the Open Learning Centre.

Annette's dedication and help to those who have learning difficulties has given many members of the community learning opportunities, regardless of their background, previous education or literacy level. She has wisdom, knowledge and long experience in adult literacy, in basic skills development, and in raising achievement levels.

This experience has been invaluable in identifying the gaps and barriers that exist for the educationally disadvantaged. She has worked co-operatively with many community groups to ensure her knowledge is shared with others.

She has worked to help develop a bicultural community learning centre. Annette is a founding member of the Friends of the Library and has done an enormous amount of fundraising and promotion of the aims of this group.

Noeline Penny

Civic Awards - 2007 - Noeline Penny

Noeline Penny is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of city history. While it is possible to visit the Ian Matheson Archive now and observe Noeline's work as a historian and genealogist, it is the future generations of Palmerston North who will truly benefit from her dedication to recording our history.

Noeline is an active participant in the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Palmerston North Historical Society, New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Friends of the Terrace End Cemetery.

Noeline's projects have included researching Early Settlers to Palmerston North, the 1993 Centennial of Votes for Women, a History of Palmerston North Homes and the Manawatū Journal of History.

As well as her active research role, over the years Noeline has been an active committee member, and has given her time to other community groups including the Plunket Society, the Palmerston North Hospital Library, Meals on Wheels and the Cancer Society.


Sharon Devonshire

Civic Awards - 2006 - Sharon Devonshire

Sharon Devonshire is receiving the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of enabling people with disabilities.

Sharon has worked as chairperson of the Disabled Persons Assembly, a role in which she has been described as demonstrating a strength of will and resilience of spirit and inner strength that have kept her striving for a better future for people with disabilities.

Sharon is also a committee member of MidCentral Health's Disability Support Advisory Committee, a caregiver with ACROSS, a board member and chairperson of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation and a foundation member of the REK (Recreation/Education Knowledge) Centre Trust.

Among the many tributes to Sharon Devonshire is this from MP Steve Maharey.... "Sharon has worked tirelessly is spite of her own physical challenges to ensure the disability community had a strong voice when it came to raising the awareness of the many and varied needs within the sector."

Mary Green

Civic Awards - 2006 - Mary Veronica Green

Mary Green receives the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of community support.
Mary has a background of tireless work as a volunteer in the community.

For nearly 30 years Mary has worked as a volunteer at Palmerston North Hospital, the last 13 as the Hospital Volunteer Coordinator. Of special mention is the number of years Mary spent driving amputees to the Limb Centre in Wellington.

Mary has been a volunteer teacher through the Palmerston North ESOL Home Tutor Group, and has taught English to many new citizens arriving in the city with little knowledge of our language. For 30 years she has been a member of the Palmerston North branch of Pregnancy Help, she has been a valuable member of Ashhurst Senior Citizens and is actively involved in the Ashhurst Catholic Church.

In a comprehensive testimonial to Mary and all her voluntary work, the authors said... "Mary presents a shining example of selflessness in giving, a dedication to helping others without thought of reward, and a conviction of the good that exists within the community."

Alan Johnson

Civic Awards - 2006 - Alan Cecil Johnson

Alan Johnson receives the Civic Honour Award for outstanding voluntary service in the field of supporting returned servicemen and women. Alan has nearly 40 years of service to the Palmerston North RSA, during which time Alan has held just about every position of responsibility within the RSA movement.

He has been an executive member, the vice president and the president for the last five years, has served on six different committees and been the key RSA spokesperson in its involvement with the City Council. At a national level he has represented Palmerston North at many conferences and is a member of the King's Empire Veterans.

Outside of the association, Alan Johnson has a 40 year involvement with the Savage Club, he has been a member of St John Ambulance and, together with his wife, has taken part in remedial reading at Linton School. It is said of Alan that "a lot of his work is not seen by those in public office, visiting the sick, assisting at funerals and looking after the cemetery". He highlights the RSA motto of people helping people.

Steve Williams

Civic Awards - 2006 - Steve Williams

Steve Williams receives the Civic Honour Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of city safety. Steve has contributed greatly to the city's Vision Statement of making Palmerston North "a safe place to live, learn, work and play". Steve Williams receives the Civic Award for single-handedly driving the Safe City Group since he established it 10 years ago.

He acts as its secretary, circulates the minutes of the monthly meetings, presents regular reports to the Police and City Council and issues media statements as the group's official spokesperson.

In a letter of endorsement, it is said of Steve that he has made the Central Business District a friendlier, more used and more popular location for both young and old than it was 10 years ago.

During that time Steve Williams has been an innovator, a fundraiser, a person who liaises with many and varied groups and a valuable contributor to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in the central area, particularly around the Square. Steve is described as someone who has turned a negative into a positive and the citizens of Palmerston North can now enjoy the benefits.


Margaret Clegg

Civic Awards - 2005 - Margaret Clegg

Margaret Clegg receives a civic honour award for services to the community. Margaret is a valued volunteer for the Cancer Society as a driver, carer and someone who offers patient support.

Her involvement with the Red Cross has extended for more than 40 years. She is a valuable member of Meals on Wheels and is also involved in fundraising activities.

Margaret has worked as a volunteer with the Anglican Social Work Trust and is an active parishioner of St Peter's Parish in Palmerston North. She is a recipient of the Bishop's Medal which is given for outstanding contribution.

Maureen Flanagan

Civic Awards - 2005 - Maureen Flannagan

Maureen Flanagan receives a civic honour award for her services to netball. Maureen is the face, voice and image of netball in the Manawatū.

Since retiring as an active netballer, Maureen has had a 27 year involvement as an administrator. She has fulfilled every duty and responsibility asked of her and they include - Premier League Coordinator, Western Flyers Administrator, Organiser of Manawatū Twilight Netball, Executive Member of Netball Manawatū, Umpires Allocation Officer and, for the last 20 years, Netball Manawatū's representative at New Zealand Council meetings.

In February this year Netball New Zealand awarded Maureen the prestigious "Netball New Zealand Service Award.

Mary McKenna

Civic Awards - 2005 - Mary McKenna

Mary McKenna receives a civic honour award for service to the community. Mary is a trustee and volunteer for the Arohanui Hospice and was on the original fundraising committee to help establish the hospice.

Her extensive service encompasses Awatapu College, Manawatū Women's Hockey, the Christian Homes Trust and St Matthew's Anglican Church. Mary has been involved in the Plunket Society and the scouting/guiding movement.

For five years she was Divisional Commissioner for the Tararua District. She has been involved in organising school celebrations and is a former President of the Manawatū branch of the National Council of Women.

Sister Ruth Oakley

Civic Awards - 2005 - Sister Ruth Oakley

Sister Ruth Oakley receives a civic honour award for a lifetime of service to the Catholic Church. Sister Ruth taught for 43 years as Deputy Principal of Our Lady of Lourdes and foundation Principal of St James School.

For the last 22 years until her retirement this year she carried out pastoral duties at St Mary's Parish. Sister Ruth has been a hospital visitor, a babysitter, a supporter of Barnardos, the IHC, Leprosy Mission and the Vision Impaired, a street collector for charity and a Meals on Wheels distributor.

She also established Awhina - an organisation devoted to the cutting, sewing and crochet of garments for the city's disadvantaged, the weekly distribution of food to families in need, a monthly meeting of elderly people and a mothers and pre-school group.

Michael and Lyn Ryan

Civic Awards - 2005 - Lyn and Mike Ryan

Michael and Lyn Ryan receive a civic honour award as joint recipients for their commitment to people with disabilities and, for more than 20 years, to the Special Olympic Movement.

Their belief in Special Olympics has led the way to encouraging others to become involved either as athletes, coaches or supporters.Mike has developed Bocce (botchy), a sport similar to petanque, as a growth sport internationally.

He has developed a bocce training manual and video and is a global trainer of trainers, facilitating 17 bocce courses in Asia Pacific countries. The New Zealand Special Olympics team, under Mike Ryan, has had considerable success in winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

Mike and Lyn have served as volunteer parents for Parent to Parent, a support and information network for the parents and families of children with disabilities and Lyn Ryan is an active board member of Phoenix Supported Employment.


Bernice Horn

Civic Awards - 2004 - Bernice Horn

Bernice Horn receives a civic honour award for community service. She receives this award for leading the mission group at St Matthew's Anglican Church, Awapuni in its annual fundraising and supporting local and overseas people working in the mission fields.

Bernice provides opportunities for third world people to sell their craft and skills in New Zealand and organises rosters of people who contribute to writing regular messages to people in Uganda, India and Turkey.

She is a crèche supervisor at St Matthews, assists people from other cultures to resettle in Palmerston North and often accompanies Drug Arm on their rounds of the city.

John Lloyd

Civic Awards - 2004 - John Bernard Lloyd

John Lloyd receives a civic honour award for community service. He has had a long involvement with Samaritans serving for five years as Director.

John has served on the Community Services Council, the Anglican Social Services and Community Development Board and the Anglican Social Work Trust, for the last eight years as Chairperson.

"The lives of the Trust, Trust staff, volunteers, socially isolated seniors, troubled young people and families in our community have all been enriched through John's energy, wisdom and compassions" are words described in a letter of support for John's nomination.

John Ward

Civic Awards - 2004 - John Ward

John Ward receives a civic honour award for involvement in performing arts and broadcasting. He has shared his enormous passion for music with the community for 50 years.

For many decades he has recorded audio-tapes of individuals and groups free of charge. Letters of support for John and the assistance he has given to many people have come from a range of Palmerston North people including Mobil Song Quest winner, Anna Leese and internationally recognised conductor, Gary Brain.

John has had a long association with city brass bands and, for the last five years, has broadcast a private classical radio station from his home in Elmira Avenue.


Janice Gordon

Janice Gordon receives a Civic Honour for her outstanding service to the community through the support of parents of children with disabilities and her enthusiasm and promotion of innovative ideas in health) recreation and work opportunities.

Janice has shown commitment) enthusiasm and courage while assisting many to achieve their own goals and supported many in their times of stress. Janice established the Palmerston North branch of Parent to Parent in 1984 and designed a family support programme that is still operating today.

She continues to work for the promotion of the Duke of Edinburgh A wards and the recognition of attainment at all levels. She was a founder of the Central Region Apprenticeship Trust) has been part of the Green Bike Scheme since its inception) has been a member of the Local Distribution Committee of the Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) and has held various offices with the IHC.


Ian Argyle

Civic Awards - 2002 - Ian Argyle

Ian Argyle receives a Civic Award for his tireless work in re-establishing the Sledge Track in the Kahuterawa Valley for city recreation. Mr Argyle had researched the area and existence of the historic track and pioneer settlement in the Valley. The area is steeped in history and the original track had many names including the Old Road, Blind Road and the Kahuterawa Branch Road.

Mr Argyle has been the driving force behind the project and is passionate about the track. He acts as an honorary tour guide for the groups, pointing out special places of interest and historical landmarks. He has published a book on the Kahuterawa Valley area and I believe he is in the process of completing a second book.

The track has been developed within the Department of Conservation's specifications and has a Back Country Adventure rating making it safe walking for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Yvonne Marshall

Civic Awards - 2002 - Yvonne Marshall

Yvonne Marshall receives a Civic Award for her commitment to the community in her capacity as a founding Kuia of Te Kura Kaupapa Māori 0 Manawatu, member of Rapua e Kura Tika, and her voluntary assistance with kura over many years.

Yvonne has also served as a City Councillor, Māori Affairs Community Officer, Massey University Liaison Officer and Highbury Whānau Chairperson. Yvonne has become an excellent role model to whānau and together with her extensive knowledge in local history and community networks has enhanced relationships with community organisations.

Her commitment to making a positive difference and her sense of community is commendable.

Kathleen Scott

Civic Awards - 2002 - Kathleen Scott

Kathleen Scott receives a Civic Award for her community service in the area of diabetes. Kathleen is a founding member of the Manawatu Diabetic Society and has held the positions of President, Vice President, Information Officer and Secretary.

She is a strong advocate for people with diabetes and their families and has offered support for innumerable people with diabetes in the city on a voluntary basis over the past 25 years.

A background in nursing has assisted Kathleen understand the needs of people with diabetes both young and old. This year Kathleen has brought to fruition a long term desire to hold independent education sessions.

The sessions have proven successful and will be offered to outlying areas of Palmerston North. She has also been involved in the organisation and running of an adult learning course in Diabetes at Queen Elizabeth College.


Robert Lester

Robert Lester has received a Civic Awardfor his contribution to motor sports and to road safety in both the Manawatu and New Zealand. Over the past 33 years he has been a member of many clubs and organisations dedicated to safe motoring and motors ports, holding positions on the executive committee of most of them.

His longstanding membership of the Automobile Association has included terms as President of the NZ Automobile Association Inc, President of the Automobile Association Central Inc, Chairman of the Manawatu Automobile Association, and Chairman of the NZ Automobile Association Driver Foundation. He has consistently been an advocate for better standards of driving, of transport legislation and road conditions.

Robert Lester's contribution to motors ports includes his current position as Steward for the Motorsport Association of New Zealand, and terms as Vice President of the Motorsport Association of New Zealand, Chairman of the NZ Motor Race Commission and Chairman of Motor Race NZ Ltd. He is currently Chairman of Sport Manawatu having served with this organisation since 1991.

He has also served on the Board of the Order of St John Central Districts, and the Road Safety Trust. Robert Lester is leader of renown, an organiser and a facilitator of projects. His characteristics include a patience and tenacity and a consistent advocacy which ensure that goals are realised. The existence of Manfield Park is evidence of his characteristics and skills.

Lesley Mitchell

Lesley Mitchell receives a Civic Award for her contribution of over 20 years as a volunteer in Palmerston North. For many years Lesley has tirelessly given of her energy, experience and expertise to a range of voluntary organisations in this city.

She has been very involved in the work of the Parish of All Saints. She has served as leader of the Riverside Fellowship of the Association of Anglican Women coordinating the Church hospital visiting team and assisting the Anglican Social Work Trust. Lesley is an enthuser and an active organiser of catering activities, from fund-raising events to the annual dinner for the Elderly.

She has served as a Samaritan including as front-line worker, trainer of volunteers and in executive roles. Lesley is a member of Community Services Council, and has served on the executive and on grants allocation committees She has assisted organisations such as Save the Children Fund and ACROSS with appeals and fund-raising activities.

Lesley has a particular concern for those in society who struggle - the sick, the lost, the lonely, the unlovely and the elderly. She shares with them her gifts of mercy and hospitality. She shares with the organisations she supports her sound judgement, her discretion, a sense of justice and good humour.

Marie Spelman

Marie Spelman receives a Civic Award for her services to the Guiding movement and the Palmerston North Operatic Society. Marie has contributed 25 years of service to Guiding, serving in many parts of the organisation, including as Brownie leader for many years, as editor of the Manawatu regional magazine, as Provincial Secretary, Provincial Public Relations Advisor, and as Provincial Support Leader.

She also took on the challenging role of Provincial Lone Commissioner for two-and-a-half years and then that of Guiding Partner coordinator. As well as providing exciting holidays and outdoor experiences for the girls she has led, Marie has always been willing to help and encourage new leaders to develop skills and maintain high standards.

She has also been actively involved in the production of the Manawatu Gang Show for many years, at various times acting as Guide Liaison, Secretary, Production Manager, front of house. Marie has acted as Production Secretary for the Palmerston North Operatic Society.

Marie has received several guiding awards in recognition of her commitment and enthusiastic contribution to the organisation and the young women it serves, helping them to become confident and self-respecting citizens who in turn make a positive contribution to their society. Marie is also an active member of St Mary's Parish.

John Thornley

John Thornley receives a Civic Award for his wide-ranging services to the Palmers ton North community including in the fields of education, communication and music.

John was a founding member of Palmerston North Community Access Radio in 1996 holding the positions of Secretary and Trust Board Director for a period. He has brought his eclectic knowledge and love of music to Access Radio programmes, as one of the many ways John has shared the richness of music with this community.

He was also a founding member of a group publishing a local community newspaper, "Community Manawatu". John has also shown commitment to non-formal adult education including in his support and promotion of adult literacy through organisations such as The Open Learning Centre, Te Whare Akonga. He has actively supported this organisation to develop a bicultural community learning facility.

His role in WEA has been of great significance in this community. His contribution to this means of community education includes taking on the role of Secretary for Manawatu WEA. He has been President of the New Zealand Association for Adult Education. John is driven by strong concerns for social justice and has been active through the Methodist Church as a member of the parish Justice and Social Service Work Group and of the Bicultural Work Group. He has also served as Secretary of the Agape Fellowship Management Committee and for a long period with the Community Services Council.

Rita Whitehead

Rita Whitehead receives a Civic Award for services to the Palmerston North community in many areas, including guiding and walkways promotion. Rita was a founding member of the Manawatu Walkways Promotion Society, instigating and maintaining the weekly walkers programme. She was also a founding member of the Palmerston North Probus Club in 1995 and has been vigorous there in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for members, and thereby enhancing enjoyment of life.

Her home has been opened for CPR classes for members. Rita has dedicated 20 years to the Girl Guide Association, holding positions as leader of brownie, guide and ranger units as well as administrative positions. These have included Assistant District Commissioner, Provincial Ranger Advisor, and Assistant Provincial Commissioner.

She has promoted camping and enjoyment of the outdoors, including organising very large camps. She has also been very active in Gang Show productions and the National Song Safari and been a wonderful role model for young women in the guiding movement. Rita has been recognised by the Girl Guide Association through the award of a Medal of Merit.

A tireless worker, Rita has also been involved in women's groups and fund-raising activities at St Peter's Anglican Church. She is characterised by energy and organising ability and has shown total commitment in time and hard work to all she undertakes.

Tai Williams Hewett

Tai Williams Hewett receives a Civic Award for his work assisting Pacific Islands people in Palmerston North. He was instrumental in founding, and now continues to participate in and support, the Palmerston North Cook Islands Social Club and Cook Islands Society. Tai was also a foundation member of the Manawatu Tangata Pasifica Council.

He is a strong supporter of the Palmerston North Branch of PACIFICA Inc. a nationwide, women's organisation. He is a member of the Pacific Leaders' group, the Community Arts Council and the grants distribution committee for Creative New Zealand, and is the Pacific Island representative on the Ethnic Council of Manawatu.

In the latter role he has liaised with other Pacific Island groups and individuals, assisted with the Festival of Cultures and provided a conduit to Access Radio for Migrant Resource Centre workers. Tai finds time to host the Cook Islands community show on Manawatu Access Radio. His provides one forum through which the Cook Islands community can offer enjoyment and understanding of their culture to the citizens of Palmerston North.

Tai is a quiet dedicated worker behind the scenes, and a well known and highly respected member not just of the Cook Islands community but also the wider city community of Palmerston North.


Peter Brooke

Civic Awards - 2000 - Peter Brooke

Peter Brooke receives a Civic Award for his long standing services to a variety of community organisations, particularly the Manawatū Branch for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for whom he has acted as Treasurer for the past sixteen years. He continues in that role.

The treasurer's role includes keeping all the books for the branch as well as dealing with investments and bequests. Peter has also been responsible for monitoring the voucher system for the spaying and neutering programme, which involves reimbursement of vouchers to veterinarians nation wide.

Peter has also been a driver for the Red Cross meals on wheels programme, organising the Friday roster. He has acted as treasurer for the St Matthews Indoor Bowling Club for 25 years, and has now also become involved in selling 'Ezee Meals' for the St Matthew's Church community service programme.

Peter has given long, loyal and committed service to the community through the organisations he has been involved with.

Ella Hyde

Civic Awards - 2000 - Ella Hyde

Ella Hyde receives a Civic Award for her commitment to a wide range of community organisations over a long period of time. For 22 years she has been the mainspring of the Care and Craft Centre for the elderly and disabled, taking responsibility for the weekly programme, providing much of the home baked morning tea and lunch and organising at least two mystery bus trips per year for the centre members.

She has also organised two Care and Craft conferences in Palmerston North in the last five years. Her other involvements include New Zealand JForce Association, being a foundation member of the Awapuni Garden Club, being a foundation member of the Scandinavian Club of the Manawatū. She has been involved in the Foundation for the Blind, and in providing assistance at Awapuni and Monrad Schools on various committees and parent activity groups.

Ella's enthusiasm and dedication to helping people and superb organisational skills have earned her the highest praise from the groups she has been associated with.

Susanne McOviney

Civic Awards - 2000 - Susanne McOviney

Susanne McOviney receives a Civic Award for her dedication to the Arohanui Hospice as the Volunteer Co-ordinator for the past 10 years. Sue has co-ordinated the daily team of volunteers who provide a 7 day a week 365 day a year service to the Hospice.

This Service includes housekeeping, laundry, weekend cooking, weekly flowers, minor maintenance and other activities. She has also been an active fundraiser for the Hospice.

Sue's job description requires her to recruit and maintain suitable people as volunteers, to ensure they receive appropriate training, to ensure standards and protocols are maintained, to ensure supplies for the volunteer activities are maintained, to keep records, hold meetings, communicate with the Executive Director and Nurse Manager, and above all, to maintain the overall positive approach of the volunteers.

Her commitment to this role has enabled her to bring together an excellent team of volunteers and she has developed her role over the years to become an indispensable part of the hospice team.

John Robson

Civic Awards - 2000 - John Robson

John Robson receives a Civic Award for his service to a great many community organisations and activities over a number of years. John has been involved with the Palmerston North Brass Band since 1940, and is the current President of the Palmerston North Brass Band.

He has also been a dedicated supporter of swimming with active involvement in the Palmerston North Swimming Club, the Kiwi Swimming Club, and as President of the Manawatū Swimming Centre.

He was awarded a service award by the New Zealand Swimming Association. He has been awarded life memberships by the Manawatū Master Builder's Association, the New Zealand Master Builders Federation, Building Research Association of New Zealand, Palmerston North Garrison Band, and the Manawatū Swimming Centre.

John has also served the community as a Councillor on the Palmerston North City Council from 1883 to 1998 and is a member of the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, being appointed by the Minister of Justice to the Disciplinary Tribunal for the Manawatū, Wanganui and Taranaki areas in 1990.

John has been a tower of strength for so many community activities, giving loyal and committed service to the people of Palmerston North.