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Council seeks submissions on bylaw amendment for election signs

Friday February 5 2016

Palmerston North City Council is calling for submissions on a proposed amendment to the Signs and Use of Public Places Bylaw for Election Signs.

The proposed amendment is to remove the word 'frontage' from restrictions on the number of election signs that can be placed on a property. The amendment reverses a change made during the last review of the bylaw following some confusion about how it would apply, and advice that it would not have the desired effect.

Council policy analyst Peter Ridge said when the bylaw was reviewed last year the term 'frontage' was introduced to allow properties fronting multiple streets to display signage on each of those frontages.

"The term 'frontage' has many meanings which could create confusion," Mr Ridge said. "By referring only to the 'frontage', the rest of the property would have no restrictions on the number of election signs that could be displayed, which was not what was intended. We've looked at the options, and Council believes the simplest option is to go back to how it used to be.

"If the proposed amendment is adopted, then the bylaw will simply refer to "the property" rather than "the property frontage", meaning the limit of one election sign per candidate and one per political party will apply to the entire property, not just the frontage." 

The consultation document is available at, along with a summary sheet and a submission form. You can also pick one up from the Council's Customer Service Centre, the central and branch libraries, and the Ashhurst Services Delivery Centre.

Submissions close on 11 March 2016.