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Council seeks submissions on Waste Management and Urban Fire Control Bylaws

Monday May 30 2016

Palmerston North City Council is calling for submissions on two proposed new bylaws relating to Waste Management and Minimisation and Urban Fire Control.

Photo shows Palmerston North rural landscape with hills and windmills in background, overlaid with a waste minimisation logo.

The two bylaws are the result of the review of the current Nuisance Bylaw 2011, which will be revoked when these two bylaws are adopted.

The draft Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw proposes to license commercial waste collectors from 1 July 2017.  

A commercial waste collector is any person or business who transports more than 10 tonnes of waste material in a 12 month period.  

PNCC policy analyst Peter Ridge says: “The licensing system will be used to improve data on the waste stream, which will be used to inform the review of the Council’s Waste Minimisation Plan.”

A key area of interest for the Council is the community’s views on waste management at events held on Council land or with Council funding.  

“The Council hasn’t identified specific provisions to include in the draft bylaw, but we are particularly interested to know whether there is community support for rules about waste management at events. If there is strong support from submitters on this matter, the Council may decide to include such rules in the final bylaw.”

The draft Urban Fire Control Bylaw doesn’t substantially change the current fire control provisions in the Nuisance Bylaw 2011. Permits will still be required for open air fires in the urban area.

The consultation documents are available on the Council website, along with a submission form. They can also be found at the Council’s Customer Service Centre, the central and branch libraries, and the Ashhurst Services Delivery Centre.

Submissions close on 1 July 2016.