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General waste gate charges to increase at Council transfer stations

Tuesday May 24 2016

Councillors yesterday adopted the recommendation to increase gate fees at the Ashhurst and Bunnythorpe Transfer Stations.

Photo shows Palmerston North rural landscape with hills and windmills in background, overlaid with a waste minimisation logo.

The increased prices are required to address the shortfall between the gate fees and the cost of transport and disposal of general waste.

The increase in fees will take effect from 1 July 2016.

The two sites receive general and green waste as well as providing a drop-off point for recycling.

Both general and green waste attract a gate fee which varies depending on load size. As the revenue currently collected does not cover the full costs of general waste transport and disposal, city residents are subsidising the shortfall from the rubbish and recycling targeted rate.

“At the moment we have residents from the city and outside the district driving to Ashhurst to use the transfer station,” rubbish and recycling asset engineer Natasha Hickmott said. “This puts an enormous strain on the facilities, results in long delays for users and is increasing the level of subsidy required.”

To ensure the facility can be delivered within budget in future, and to address the access issues, it is essential to either raise gate fees to increase revenue or reduce the level of service to lower costs.

To ensure the services provided at the transfer stations are sustainable and to avoid large fee hikes in the future, Council will undertake annual reviews and adjustments to gate charges each year through the annual plan process.

The new charges will be:

  • car boot $40
  • station wagon $50
  • van or ute $60
  • trailer $60 to $140 depending on size