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Parking trials begin from 15 February

Friday January 29 2016

The Palmerston North City Council will begin new parking trials in the central city from Monday 15 February.

Late last year, Council voted to extend the time limit people can park in metered spaces, from two to three hours, provided they keep feeding their meters. This will be trialled in the central city from 15 February until the end of June.

It also agreed to introduce free parking in metered spaces until eleven on Saturday mornings. This will be trialled from Saturday 20 February until the end of April.

"Since Christmas, Council has been working with its suppliers to make changes to the meter system and the Frog parking sensor technology to allow the trials to go ahead," says PNCC roading manager Graeme Tong.

Mr Tong says the Council's roading team will also be out on the weekend before the changeover, altering street parking signs and updating information found on the meters.

"We'll be working over the next couple of weeks to get information about the changes out to the parking users," says PNCC head of environmental protection services, Wayne Jameson. "Our parking enforcement officers will also be there to help motorists during this time."

Mayor Grant Smith says he's confident the trials will be a success.

"We've already had plenty of positive comments from residents and visitors about the changes. We think it'll be more convenient for shoppers and encourage them to spend longer in the central business district, which has got to be good for retailers."

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