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Te Marae-O-Hine; recycling; international flights from Palmerston North Airport, new central library in the the DIC building and the first woman mayor.



  • Steven Maharey elected as MP for Palmerston North
  • Mohair Fashion Awards hosted in Palmerston North
  • Te Marae-O-Hine - paved courtyard 'Marae' in The Square opened as part of City celebrations for New Zealand sesqui-centenary
  • Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd, the Council's bus company, is established
  • PDC - Premier Department Store on The Square closes
  • Farmers Mutual building on The Square opens, it is the tallest building in Palmerston North (2008)
  • Downtown complex's first 10 shops open
  • PDC building on The Square demolished
  • Downtown complex final stage is completed with the opening of Downtown Cinema 6 (now Downtown Cinemas)


  • Population 70,318
  • Recycling services initiated by the City Council
  • A failure of the water main supplying the water treatment plant causes the entire lower dam reservoir to empty; the City is forced to rely on artesian wells while repairs are made
  • End of Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd after it fails to obtain Manawatū Regional Council's contract for City bus service, the contract goes to the Manawatū Regional Council
  • Arohanui Hospice in Heretaunga Street officially opened by Mayor Paul Rieger
  • The Plaza shopping centre opens with K-Mart, Foodtown and specialty shops all in one complex
  • Arthur Barnett Department Store on The Square closes


  • New Terminal Building opened at City Airport, $3 departure tax levied on all departing passengers
  • Pro Gas Systems Ltd established (Council's gas company)
  • Flooding
  • Electro Power Ltd established (Council's electricity distribution company)
  • Manawatū Mills changes name to Champion Flourmills


  • Major staffing restructure of the City Council
  • Summerhill Drive / Tennant Drive flyover is completed, easing traffic congestion to Massey University at peak times
  • Massey University opens the Albany Campus in Auckland
  • Totaranui settlers cottage is relocated to Manawatū Museum and Science Centre (now Te Manawa)


  • First International Festival in The Square is held
  • 'Polytechnic-in-the-Park' proposal fails; the Manawatū Polytechnic offers its first degree course
  • Broadway Avenue streetscape upgrade completed
  • Pro Gas Systems Ltd (Council's gas company) sold to Enerco New Zealand for $34 million
  • Te Awe Awe Complex opens - new Science Centre and Manawatū Museum building


  • George Street streetscape upgrade complete
  • K&M Print moves to upper Cuba Street
  • Ansett Dash 8 Flight 703 crashes in the Tararua Ranges, four fatalities


  • Population 73,080
  • Coleman Place streetscape upgrade complete
  • Electro Power Ltd and CentralPower Ltd merge ($70 million)
  • Tui Milk Products and Kiwi Co-Operative Dairies merge
  • International flights commence from City Airport (scheduled passenger services to Australia)
  • Downtown Cinema 7 becomes Downtown Cinema 8, (now Downtown Cinemas)
  • Improvements to the smaller lower dam at Turitea waterworks start
  • A Massey University graduation ceremony is the last function held at the Opera House
  • Demolition of the Palmerston North Opera House on Church Street
  • City Library opens new $16.9 million Central Library Building in reworked Rossco / DIC building on The Square


  • Plane trees in Fitzherbert Avenue felled by City Council after considerable public protest locally and nationally, Fitzherbert Avenue converted to four lanes
  • Centennial celebrations of Victoria Esplanade
  • Fire Service reopens a station in Terrace End
  • Massey University merges with the Palmerston North College of Education (Teachers College)
  • Two years of modifications to the old lower dam are opened by Mayor Paul Reiger, the dam is now a "concrete faced rock-fill structure" and increases the height by 3 metres


  • The Council commissions a 6000 m 3 water reservoir at Ngahere Park, alongside the existing one, a 66% increase in water storage capacity
  • Jacqueline Jill White (Jill) is the first woman Mayor for Palmerston North
  • Freyberg swimming pool opens as a community pool at the Freyberg High School
  • Regent Theatre opens as premiere City Theatre after extensive ($13 million) renovation work, it replaces the former City Opera House


  • Vision Manawatū established
  • Peacekeeping troops sent to East Timor
  • Youth Justice Centre opens in Mohaka Place
  • Manawatū Polytechnic opens new Central Campus in King Street
  • King Street streetscape upgrade complete
  • Wellington Polytechnic merges with Massey University
  • Automation of the Turitea water treatment plant complete
  • The Manawatū Polytechnic becomes UCOL (the Universal College of Learning)
  • Central Power's Tararua Windfarm opened by Wyatt Creech, regulations force Central Power to sell the wind farm
  • Adidas Institute of Rugby opened at Massey University by PM Jenny Shipley
  • Commissioning of the Keith Street artesian bore provides a 24% increase in source capacity for the City's water supply
23-24 October
  • PDC (Premier Drapery Company) staff reunion held

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