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Corporate sustainability

Our goal is to be a zero carbon organisation by 2050.

Energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy

Palmerston North City Council has completed numerous projects that seek to reduce energy use before meeting remaining demand by the cleanest means possible.

Lighting upgrades were completed in 2012, which reduced the city power bill and energy use. These upgrades were made to the Civic Admin Building, City Library, and Awapuni Recycling Centre.

Solar hot water heating is one of the most cost effective means of using solar energy. Solar hot water heaters have been installed on Council buildings, including the Library, Albert St depot and The Square toilets. Panels at the Lido and Freyburg swimming pools heat hot water for the showers, and are on track to cut energy consumption by about one third. Read More

Turitea hydro generator: the city water supply comes from the Turitea dam. Water is captured and travels downhill to the treatment plant. Generators have been installed to generate electricity from the water as it travels. These generators create enough electricity to completely power the water treatment plant. Read More

Awapuni biogas generator: biogas is produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It originates from biogenic material and is a type of biofuel. In burning this fuel, the biogas generation project delivers between 400 kW and 1.2 MW of electricity generation, enough energy to power 400-1300 NZ homes. Read More

Electric bikes: Council provides four electric bikes for staff to use for short journeys. Read More