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District Plan Update: Plan Changes 15A-H, 20A-B, and 21 operative

Plan Changes 15A-H, 20A-B and 21 to the Palmerston North City District Plan were approved by resolution of the Palmerston North City Council on 26 March 2018. Plan Changes 15A-H, 20A-B and 21 will become operative on 23 April 2018. This excludes those parts that are subject to the three appeals by the Minister of Defence.

Plan Change 15A-H

  • Reviewed the Rural Zone and Rural Subdivision;
  • Addressed commercial and domestic-scale wind turbines and the spatial definition of the skyline of the Tararua Ranges and the Manawatū Gorge;
  • Integrated the former Manawatū District Council boundary change area into the Palmerston north City District Plan;
  • Updated the Flood Protection Zone and introduced a Flood Prone Areas Overlay;
  • Reviewed the existing North East Industrial Zone and included a 126 hectare extension;
  • Created a 33 hectare industrial extension at Longburn to enable growth for dairy related activities;
  • Updated the Utilities section; and
  • Reviewed the Airport Zone. 

Plan Change 20A-B

  • Reviewed the Residential Zone, Residential Subdivision and related sections of the District Plan;
  • Made minor zoning changes to the spatial extent of the Residential Zone; and
  • Plan Change 20B to rezone Winchester Street Residential Areas was declined. 

Plan Change 21

  • Reviewed the five Recreation Zones and Race Training Zone and associated provisions in the District Plan;
  • Rezoned two sites in the Racecourse Zone to Residential Zone; and
  • Added the street trees along Grand Oaks Drive to the list of Notable Trees. 

Enquiries regarding Plan Change 15A-H, 20A-B and 21 should be directed to David Murphy, telephone 06 356 8199 or email