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Notice of special consultative procedure

Saturday October 28 2017

Pursuant to Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002, the Palmerston North City Council gives notice that it is commencing the Special Consultative Procedure to obtain community feedback on proposed additional fees and charges for Planning Services.

As a result of recent changes to the Resource Management Act 1991 the Council is able to consider applications for boundary activities and for marginal/temporary breaches and exempt them from needing resource consent. The changes also enable an applicant or consent holder to request objections for certain decisions to be considered by an independent commissioner.

The Council proposes to set fees and charges to cover the cost of processing applications and/or reviewing decisions using commissioners.

A copy of the Statement of Proposal including the schedule of proposed fees and charges can be inspected and/or obtained as follows, through the Council’s website, at the Customer Services Centre, Civic Administration Building or the City Library (both in the Square), or by telephoning 06 356 8199.

Enquiries relating to these proposed fees may also be directed to Simon Mori, Head of Planning Services on telephone 06 356 8199.

Submissions are invited and must be received by the Council during the submission period which opens on Monday 30 October 2017 and closes at 5pm on Friday 1 December 2017. Submissions must be in writing and may be delivered, posted or emailed to the Governance and Support Team Leader, City Corporate Unit, Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11-034, Palmerston North 4442, or email

Submissions should include the name and address of the person making the submission, including a daytime telephone contact number, and also advise if they wish to speak about their submission to a meeting of Councillors.