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Palmerston North fire season status downgraded to restricted

Tuesday January 23 2018

Fire and Emergency New Zealand has declared a restricted fire season for all the Palmerston North City Council area from 8am Tuesday 23 January 2018 until further notice.

You will need a permit to light an open-air fire.

Note: A total fire ban remains in place on all public conservation land administered by the Department of Conservation.


  • gas barbecue or cooker
  • charcoal or wood-fired barbecue or cooker that fully contains all sparks
  • pizza oven with or without a chimney that fully contains all sparks. Note: If the oven includes a chimney, the chimney must include fine wire mesh (which is replaced annually, as it will burn out)
  • traditional cooking fire (hāngi, umu). Note: the fire must be attended at all times and means of extinguishing any fire is to be on site
  • incinerator designed to ensure combustible material cannot escape (sparks, embers, partly burned paper etc). The incinerator must have a solid lid that completely covers the top and a chimney that includes fine wire mesh (replaced annually so it does not burn out).

Applying for permits

To apply for a fire permit or get advice on ethnic fires, contact Council on 06 356 8199. 

Rural fire permits are now issued by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. For more information or to apply for a permit in a rural area, go to 

You commit an offence if you knowingly or recklessly light, or allow another person to light, a fire in open air in an area that is in a Restricted Fire Season unless under a permit issued by Fire and Emergency New Zealand and in accordance with any conditions of the permit.