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An update on processing your consents

Tuesday March 31 2020

What business as usual looks like under alert level 4 and how we’re going to reduce any backlog. Plus how to contact our building and planning teams during the lockdown.

When the alert level 4 restrictions were put in place on Wednesday 25 March we suspended building and resource consent processing.

Over the last week Council staff have been focused on Council’s essential services, such as water, rubbish and recycling.

We’re now able to update you on what we’re doing for our ‘business as usual’ and how we’re going to reduce any backlog.

Building consents

We now have support from external contractors and some staff set up for work from home.

If you have anything urgent, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We’re also able to issue building consents once they’re granted. We’re trying to get this right and do all we can for our customers so there is a low or no backlog when we’re back to normal.

Update Tuesday 21 April: Building inspections to resume at alert level 3

Resource consents

Our planning services team can continue with some resource consent processing. However, our planners rely on assessments and feedback from other experts (engineers, roading officers, etc) and their availability cannot be guaranteed, which may affect timeframes.

Our planners are also unable to carry out site visits which may hamper assessments. The team is working hard to progress consents as best as they can.

Planning consents are not considered an essential activity unless it is for an essential service. This means that our planners are on-call to get redeployed to support an essential service at any time.

Contact us

You can contact us at We’re using this email address for both planning and building consent queries and have staff monitoring this daily.