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Customer experience key to realignment in Council's organisational structure

Friday January 17 2020

Late last year, some changes were made to Council’s organisational structure designed to enhance and improve its employee and customer experience.

Chief executive Heather Shotter says the realignment will build momentum and accelerate transformational change for Council which supports the city’s growth and our own goal as a Driven and Enabling Council.

“We want Palmerston North to be the best regional city in New Zealand. To do that we must retain and attract the best people, and also be a great place to work.

“Customer-centric services and culture are at the heart of Council’s performance plan. To raise our game for the city we need to be more customer-focused across Council functions, whether it’s an individual query or supporting community-led development.”

There was broad support for the proposal to establish a new People and Performance unit, led by a Chief People Officer has been established. Other new roles created include a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, and an Organisation Development Manager. Recruitment is underway for these roles.

“This brings additional resources to our Human Resources function and combines with the Transformation and Information Management teams. This focus on people empowerment is directed at supporting our staff through change and unlocking our full potential.”

Council’s Customer Unit and Community Units have been joined to create a scaled-up Customer Experience Unit, led by Chief Customer Officer, Chris Dyhrberg.

“Bringing these units together will create a single platform with the scale and focus necessary to transform the customer experience. It takes a more holistic view of the customer experience, from commercial to community services that are critical to achieving our goals and visions.”

For some staff, there are changes to their reporting lines and to their team composition.

The new structure has been in place since 16 December 2019.