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Palmerston North City Council rubbish and recycling services have changed under alert level 4

Thursday April 9 2020

Wondering what’s going on with rubbish and recycling in Palmy under alert level 4? We have the answers.

Public drop facilities at Ferguson Street, Awapuni and Ashhurst are closed – that means no recycling, e-waste, car seat, oil or green waste services are available.

Kerbside collections are continuing, but recycling from wheelie bins is going to landfill (to minimise the risk to our team).

Glass is still being recycled but please only put full crates out.

If you don’t have kerbside rubbish or recycling services, pick up some Council rubbish bags from the supermarket and place in the large bin at the front of the Matthews Ave Transfer Station.

If you don’t want your recycling going to landfill, wash it thoroughly and store it until lockdown ends.

Our drivers love waving, but please don’t approach them at the moment – we need to keep them safe.

All tissues and wetwipes need to go into a plastic bag and into your rubbish bin. Don’t flush them, even if they say they are flushable – they're not!