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Recycling will still be collected but some will go to landfill

Thursday March 26 2020

The Palmerston North Emergency Operations Centre this afternoon made the tough call to no longer sort paper, plastic and metal recycling, in order to protect our team from Covid-19.

All kerbside recycling and rubbish will continue to be collected, but all recycling that goes in the orange-lid bins will now be sent to landfill.

Glass recycling will continue to be recycled, as the company that takes this has lifted the requirement to sort it during the lockdown.

Controller Tom Williams says while we had hoped to be able to continue to sort recycling, with the growing number of Covid-19 cases, we do not feel comfortable putting our team at risk.

“We are so proud to be an eco-city and our residents do a fabulous job at recycling, but the health and safety of our team is the most important thing.”

Most other facilities around the country have made a similar call.

All Palmerston North residents should continue to put their recycling in the orange-lid bin for collection.

This is important, because when the lockdown is over, it means we won’t have broken the habit of recycling, and can pick up where we left off.

Thank you for understanding.

Photo of man in hi-vis vest and earmuffs sorting recycling for processing.

Sorting the recycling involves a lot of manual handling.