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Repatriation flight arrives in Palmerston North

Tuesday April 7 2020

Yesterday at 2pm, Air New Zealand flight NZ5955 from Auckland landed in Palmerston North, carrying 32 passengers.

The repatriation flight was provided to get New Zealanders who've recently returned from overseas home to Manawatū.

This flight was strictly for those who have been in government-managed isolation in hotels in Auckland since arriving back in New Zealand.

All passengers on the flight have been asymptomatic since arriving back in New Zealand and underwent a health check before boarding, which included a minimum of three temperature checks. 

Palmerston North Police were in contact with passengers before they departed Auckland, as each passenger was required to provide a detailed self-isolation plan.

Officers met passengers at the local airport to assist with processing and ensure information about their isolation plans was properly recorded and verified.

Two primary health organisation staff members issued isolation packs to the passengers and ensured each household had a thermometer to check their temperatures daily.

Palmerston North City Council Emergency Operations Centre supplied welfare information and resources to passengers to ensure they’re well looked after during their isolation period.

Palmerston North Airport also had a limited staff on-hand to assist with security and baggage handling. No one else was allowed inside the terminal.

People collecting passengers were allowed into the airport carpark but had to remain in their cars. Some passengers had cars dropped off at the airport so they could drive themselves home.  

Contact between passengers and workers was limited to non-existent where possible, and all workers and passengers followed advice from the Ministry of Health, including wearing personal protective equipment.