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What’s the future for Huia Street Reserve?

Wednesday November 20 2019

Palmerston North City Council is asking the community for feedback on how Huia Street Reserve, corner of Park Road and Fitzherbert Avenue, might be used in the future.

Council’s preferred option is to enable the sale or development of the reserve for housing.

David Murphy, City Planning Manager, said the site provides the perfect opportunity for the Council to explore different housing development opportunities.

“Council’s Housing Needs Assessment has identified a strong demand for more housing around the city, and more land is needed to accommodate it.

“Our City Development Strategy outlines an opportunity for Council to contribute parts of its property portfolio to the city’s growth and development, which can include repurposing underutilised land.”

To achieve this, Council would need to make the necessary amendments to the Palmerston North Reserves Act 1992 and/ or the Palmerston North Reserve Empowering Act 1996, and the District Plan.

Historically, a significant portion of the Huia Street Reserve was occupied by the Manawatū Bowling Club, however the land has been vacant since 2005.

“While the proposal covers the entirety of the reserve, including the portion currently occupied by the Manawatū Lawn Tennis Club, the Council isn’t committed to selling or developing that portion,” said Mr. Murphy.

“We invite the community to share their thoughts on what they see for the future of the Huia Street Reserve.”

Council has identified several alternative options for the community to consider, including land-banking, developing the site for recreational activities, or enabling the sale or development of the site for commercial purposes.

The statement of proposal can be found on Council’s website:

Submissions are open until 4pm Monday 10 February 2020.