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Animal welfare

Services that assist with pets and animal welfare.

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Massey University Pet Emergency Centre and Vet Clinic

We are open to the public offering routine animal health checks, specialist diagnostic procedures and treatments and a 24/7 Pet Emergency Centre. Specialists cater to many different types of animals including pets, farm animals, horses and native wildlife.

Level 1: You can contact us on our usual telephone numbers. Check our Facebook page for info on how to order refills of medications or prescription food for your pet. 

In the event of an emergency call, we will tell you how to administer first aid and direct you to the centre. 

SPCA Palmerston North 

93 Napier Road, Terrace End

SPCA helps protect over 40,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused, or simply abandoned. We can also provide advice and assist in the following areas.

Report animal cruelty or an animal emergency

For animal welfare emergencies, please call us.

Found animals

If you have found a sick or injured animal, contact us immediately.

If you have found a roaming or dangerous dog, please call Palmerston North City Council.

If the animal is healthy and not in danger, please see our website for how you can help. 

Lost animals

We list every incoming stray animal on so please check the listings to see if we might have your missing pet.

If your animal is not listed, we have some tips on how to find your pet on our Advice and Welfare section.

Rehoming your pet

Due to space restrictions, SPCA centres can only take in sick, stray or injured animals. If you need to rehome your pet, please check the SPCA website for advice.