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67 Rongopai Street - House and fence

67-Rongopai -Street

Building Details

Address: 67 Rongopai Street, House and fence
Construction date: 1928
Architect/designer: R Thorrold Jaggard
Architectural style: neo-Georgian
District Plan Category: 2
Building number: 52
Heritage NZ Category: Nil

Physical and Social History 

Certificate of Title WN384/165 was issued on 16 March 1928 to Ella Vivian Coutts Field, wife of William Alfred Field, a registered plumber of Palmerston North. Possibly this date and CT marks the linking of Lots 8 and 9.

In 1932, the property was transferred to Doris Evelyn Small, wife of Charles Arthur Small, a dental surgeon of Palmerston North.

The original plans for this property, dated October 1933, are held in the Building Permits Dept. These are by R Thorrold Jaggard and were commissioned by CA Small. These show four-bedrooms, a sleeping porch and a Sleeping Apart room upstairs, and a balcony. The largest bedroom (which also has a very large wardrobe) and the Sleeping Apart room both lead onto the balcony.                                                                                                                              

The next date of transfer on the CT is semi-legible, but appears likely to be 1948, based on the year given for the subsequent mortgage. This sees the transfer of the property to Thomas Oswald Gilbert, a medical practitioner of Palmerston North.

Subsequent owners

1976 - David Frederick Harris, medical practitioner, & his wife Marie Luise Harris, PN
1993 - Peter Kenneth Bird & Carol Anne Bird, both PN company directors
1994 - Neville Ernest Maddren, General Manager, and Annemarie Maddren, personnel manager, PN
2003 - Current Owners

There are no other entries in the Building Permit records.

Architectural Design 

The two storied house has a rectangular plan with the long elevation parallel with the street.  The entry is located in the centre of the street elevation, which leads to a central hall and stair to the first floor.  On one side of the entry hall is the lounge almost the depth of the house and on the other side of the hall is the living room. Behind the living room is the kitchen and behind the 'lounge' is a sewing room, laundry ands external coal room and toilet.  To one side of the house is the garage and on the other side of the house is a loggia.

The first floor has four bedrooms, two sleeping porches, separate bathroom, toilet and shower.  Above the loggia is a balcony accessed from the larger sleeping porch and largest bedroom.

The house is designed in a strict symmetrical neo-Georgian style.  The main roof is low pitched and hipped chimneys at either side.  The central entry is emphasised by a Classical bracketed pediment, above which is a Diocletian window with gabled pediment above it.  Small paned timber French doors give access to the front garden from both the lounge and living rooms, while double hung sash windows with small panes in the upper sash give light to the front bedrooms.  Other windows are small paned casement with toplights.  The doors and windows to the street elevation have shutters.  The loggia has Doric columns with a Classically inspired steel balustrade. 

Interior details, such as fire surrounds, timber panelling, stair balustrading and doors maintain the Classical design of the exterior.

A low brick wall has been constructed along the street boundary with dense planting behind.  The house has a surrounding lawn with mature trees on the perimeter of the section.  The garage has a hipped roof and a wall between the garage and house has an arched opening and gate separating the front and back yards.

Statement of Significance 

The house has local significance for its historical and design values, its representativity of building style and high level of external authenticity.

The house has design significance for its strict adherence to the design characteristics of the neo-Georgian style.  The house has a high level of authenticity of external design, materials, craftsmanship and setting, including fences and gates.

The house has historical values in its association with the first owner of the house, dental surgeon CA Small and local architect R Thorrold Jaggard.

Additional References
Certificates of Title: WN384/165 (1928), prior WN326/284, WN326/285