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The Square - Coronation Memorial

Coronation -Memorial

Building Details

Building name: Coronation Memorial
Address: The Square
Construction date: 1902
Architect: CA Vaulier
Architectural style: Gothic
District Plan Category: 1
Building number: 6
Heritage NZ Category: 2


The monument was constructed in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII. The surrounding base, formerly a pond, was installed three years later. The monument was moved to its present site in 1926.


The design of monument is similar to a small Gothic spire with buttresses at the base, trefoil relief and crockets at the corners. The monument sits in a bed of flowers, formerly a pond.


Samuel Dowdall and James Thomas Dowdall
Dowdall was born In Southampton, England and arrived in New Zealand in 1879. He was apprenticed, in Christchurch, to James Tait, a monumental mason and building contractor, with whom he completed his time in 1888. Aftertwo years in Australia he returned to settle in Palmerston North and founded his business that year.  Dowdall was for a time the only monumental mason between Wellington and Wanganui and completed a number of monuments as well as gravestones, hearthstones, and mantels. He was later joined in business by his son, James.

Summary of Heritage Values

The memorial commemorates the coronation of King Edward VII and therefore has symbolic and patriotic values.

The monument is associated with the King, the benefactors of the monument, the designer and sculptor.

The forms of the monument follow the style set by previous memorials such as those by Giles Gilbert ????

The memorial is original, and is a representative example of a coronation memorial.

The memorial has educational and social values.

Statement of Significance

The memorial is a good representative design using appropriate materials, and which is in an appropriate location.