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The Square - Hitching Post

Building Details

Hitching -Post

Building name: Hitching Post

Address: The Square

Construction date: 1900
District Plan Category: 1
Building number: 14
Heritage NZ Category: 2


This post is one of many hitching posts erected in and around The Square by the Palmerston North Borough Council in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Horse driven traffic remained pre-eminent in Palmerston North for some decades after the turn-of-the-century.


This is simply an upright timber post with one ring and bolt attachment. The top has a reversed scalloped decoration. It was probably part of a post and rail fence as a morticed cavity remains on one face.

Summary of heritage values

The post is associated with a by gone means of transport, and has age value

The post is largely authentic and is representative of similar hitching posts

The post has an educational value

Statement of Significance
The posts is significant in its associational, contextual and use values.

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